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Do's And Don'ts for Cleaning Your Menstrual Cup

Dec 19, 2019 09:41 PM EST | By Staff Reporter
Do's And Don'ts for Cleaning Your Menstrual Cup
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Nowadays, most women are already using menstrual cups. It is a sanitary product that collects menstrual blood instead of absorbing it, making it more convenient to use than tampons and pads. It can hold your menstrual blood up to 12 hours a day without giving you an itchy feeling. And, the best part is, it's cost-effective because you can use it for as long as ten years.

During menstruation, your cup is inserted inside your vagina to collect the blood. Therefore, you have to make sure that it is clean and well-maintained. Taking care of your cup is like taking care of your vagina, so pay more attention to it. Below are the do's and don'ts in cleaning menstrual cup, make sure to follow these guidelines for a more comfortable and safe period.

Properly Wash Your Menstrual Cup

The very first thing you do after your menstrual cup has been removed is to wash it. Use mild soap or a gentle cleanser in cleaning and washing your cup. It is recommended to use liquid soap than bar soap. Also, read the labels to make sure you are using the right cleanser, and it should not contain any mixture of perfumes, additives, and other substances that may irritate your private part. 

It is important that you use the right soap to avoid irritation. Make sure that you remove all the stains from your cup, starting from its body up to its seal. Then rinse it with cold water first before washing it with warm water. It is a better way to remove the discoloration from the bloodstain.

Sanitize Your Cup

Just like any sanitary product, your menstrual cup must undergo proper sanitation as well. This process will help to remove all the bacteria in your cup that you might get from the blood. To do this step, you have to prepare boiling water, and it is better if you will put the menstrual cup inside a metal whisk before soaking it in boiling water.

The metal whisk will protect the silicone of your cup from damage. Leave it inside for two minutes, then remove it from the pot. If you do not want to boil your menstrual cup, you can use a steam bag and place it inside it. Sanitizing your cup is necessary, especially before using it. 

Let It Dry

It is recommended that before boiling your menstrual cup, do not wipe it with a cloth just yet. It is better if you air-dry it. Doing this process can make your menstrual cup look new and preserve its shelf life. You can also sun-dry it, just make sure to put it on a clean surface that's free from dust and other debris. The heat will restore the stunning color of your menstrual cup.

Remove the Stains

Who does want to use a stained a menstrual cup? Of course, none. Imagine how awkward it is to wash your stained cup in a public bathroom while other ladies can see it. It will be degrading and embarrassing. However, you no longer need to worry because you can use baking soda to remove the stains. Yes, you read it right! The solution is available in your kitchen.

Though you have to be careful as well in using hydrogen peroxide products because other menstrual cup manufacturers do not recommend this, and they might not cover it under their warranty.

What You Should Not Do When Cleaning Your Menstrual Cup

Remember that your menstrual cup is placed inside your private area, so you must not use harmful products to clean it. Do not use antibacterial products, scented and oil-based soaps, vinegar, tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, and hand sanitizer.

Also, other people use wipes when cleaning their cup in a public bathroom, but it's not the right thing to do. Do not use pre-moistened wipes to clean your menstrual cup. If possible, do not use bleach and harmful chemicals to remove the stains of your cup.

These are the things that you should not forget when cleaning your cup, as it can lead to internal complications.


The menstrual cup helps most women to make their period experience to be hassle-free and comfortable. It becomes the reason why women nowadays can work without any physical restrictions or limitations during red days. Therefore it is very important as well to take good care of our menstrual cups and make it last longer.

Keeping it clean can prevent menstrual problems to occur, such as toxic shock syndrome. Also, you can use your cup much longer when you take care of it. You can use these easy steps to clean your cup and make sure to avoid using harmful cleaner. In that way, you can also protect your reproductive health.

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