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How to Start an E-Commerce Store in Less Than One Week

Jan 24, 2020 04:46 PM EST | By Staff Reporter
How to Start an E-Commerce Store in Less Than One Week
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Many reasons exist for why people may want to start a business: they want to find more purpose in life, do something new, their jobs have become boring, or they want to do enjoyable work and do it on their time. Self-employment allows people some flexibility in their working arrangements, as business owners can choose their work hours and perform their duties from home or remote locations to fit their personal and professional circumstances and obligations.

While many Americans think starting a business is ideal, for some people, the thought remains a fantasy. According to a Qualtrics-powered survey from LendingTree, one-third of Americans thought about starting a business but didn't make their startups a reality. 

The most common obstacle in people's way of starting a business was money. Forty-two percent of survey respondents said they hadn't started a business because they didn't have enough to fund their companies and didn't know where to get the money.

Money might be the most significant impediment, but others exist. Some people may have trouble getting their businesses started because they have yet to develop business plans, register their company, or find a business partner in cases where they feel they need one. Starting a business doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out, overwhelming process. 

Following a practical business plan and implementing search engine optimization (SEO) practices can enable entrepreneurs-to-be to start their businesses and raise their brand awareness in a short amount of time.

Determine What Type Of Business You Want To Own

The time it takes to launch a business may depend on what venture you want to make. For instance, opening an e-commerce store can take as little as a day and as much as a week. People can purchase a website domain for their business site or launch a pre-built store using Shopify or other e-commerce platforms. To stock stores with products, business owners can turn to suppliers, such as liquidation sites. 

DirectLiquidation, for example, is a leading B2B liquidation company that provides business owners with products from small companies and major retailers. Business owners can pay for liquidation wholesale, and fill their e-commerce store inventory with health and beauty products, electronics, clothes and accessories, furniture, baby supplies, and more. Using this online marketplace ensures business owners that the products they order will arrive in good condition.

Make Wise Use Of Time When Seeking Financial Assistance

Lacking the capital needed to start a business stops many companies from coming into fruition, but entrepreneurs-to-be can prevent that from happening to them. Quickly exploring existing financial options such as small business loans and checking one's eligibility requirements can expedite the process. Putting in loan applications sooner rather than later could result in receiving approval from lenders sooner, helping e-commerce business owners start their companies.

Getting approval for a loan can be a quick process depending on the lender. Still, business owners should remember that when the business is up, running, and gearing toward growth, managing capital and maintaining relationships with lenders and financiers can take time and require patience.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO practices increase a business's web visibility in search engine results pages, therefore increasing the visitor traffic a website receives. For the implementation of SEO practices and promotion of a website, business owners can enlist the help of a professional SEO agency, such as Peaks Digital Marketing.


Peaks Digital Marketing uses tested and proven strategies, including content marketing, email marketing, and data-driven, ROI-focused campaigns that can help business owners garner leads to their company website. Using targeted paid-per-click advertising (PPC), businesses can reach their ideal customers by location, gender, income level, and other demographic information. This SEO agency provides e-commerce businesses with web development that enables the quality of the website to reflect the quality of the brand.

Using SEO practices and developing a plan that's easy to execute can help people get their businesses started in little to no time.

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