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7 Ways to Provide the Best Customer Experience

Mar 08, 2020 03:36 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton
7 Ways to Provide the Best Customer Experience
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Brand loyalty is everything. When a customer is loyal to your business, it means they will buy from you even if a competitor offers the same product cheaper. 

One of the ways businesses earn brand loyalty is by providing the best customer experience possible. Take a look at these 7 ways to improve the customer experience. 

1. Ask Questions

Marketing is often a one-way conversation. Brands position, then sell and position and then sell some more. 

Take a moment to treat your customer as a person and not a notch on your revenue belt. Remind your sales team to check-in with customers periodically even if they won't buy from you again for a while. 

Customer service won't always mean the same to a customer as it means to you. Take the chance to ask questions about their experience doing business with you.

Go beyond online surveys to in-person and phone conversations for real-time updates. Having conversations shows the customer your sincere interest in their experience with your brand. 

2. Learn Your Customer

Not every company has the opportunity for face time with customers. In these cases, it's important to learn your customers through analytics. 

Analytics give you the demographic, behavior and purchasing habits of your customers to help you get an idea of how to communicate with them. Knowing your customer means gaining the advantage of knowing how to solve their problems.

Practice active social listening by setting up alerts when customers mention your brand online. Use these opportunities to learn how customers perceive your product or service. 

Monitor how your content performs with your audience. Blog posts with the fewest number of clicks provide key information about what your customer thinks is important. 

Expand on content marketing strategies that trigger engagement to get down to the details of what matters to your customer on a daily basis. 

3. Don't Change Proven Recipes

One easy way to annoy your customers is to change your core product. Iconic brands like Coca Cola have proven that changing your recipe for an 'improved' version only causes upset in loyal fans. 

If you have a following based on a specific product or service, resist the temptation to "improve" it based on creative impulse. If customers haven't expressed negative feedback, keep your magic formula the same and offer a new product to the lineup instead. 

Adding a new product to the mix gives you a chance for a 'soft' launch where you can see how well it is received by your audience. If it's wildly successful, you can boost the visibility of the new product and gradually phase out the old product if needed. 

4. Table Your Ego

It's tough to hear negative feedback about a product or service you offer that you gave you blood, sweat, and tears to create. But being in business is about service, not ego. 

The best customer experience is one where the customer gets to be honest about their needs. They can trash your product and method of doing business without fear of backlash. 

Give customers a platform to provide feedback anonymously to start. You'll learn opinions from customers you might never receive when talking in person. 

This feedback gives you the opportunity to make changes to your business to improve the overall customer experience. 

5. Train Your Sales Team

Personalized service is at the heart of every good customer experience. Guard against hiring sales staff that don't know how to maintain a rapport with customers outside of transactions.

Make your sales team ambassadors for your brand by transforming them into a concierge for customers. A well-trained sales team is trusted by customers to help them solve problems and upgrade services when needed.

It's important that your sales team work with marketing to learn the product in its entirety. When customers have in-depth customers, the sales team should double as customer service to help them make decisions.

Enabling your sales team to better help customers also provides you with the opportunity to gather data on customer feedback. Sales teams have conversations with customers that reveal important performance issues about your product.

Ask the sales team to share their feedback on a regular basis so that you can use the data to make future marketing decisions. 

6. Use a Good CRM

Managing customer relationships works best when your system is automated. A good CRM helps you maintain large amounts of customer data in a format that makes it easy to follow up with customers over time.

These follow-ups can include outreach on a customer's birthday or major holiday. Customer engagement software takes your relationship a step further by allowing customers to use digital experience tools.

These tools serve as a way for customers to respond to your methods of outreach or initiate conversations when they need help. It is an automated way to provide the best customer experience when you have a small customer service team. 

7. Offer Freebies

Offer freebies like product samples to create an improved customer experience. Product samples are a win-win for potential customers and business owners.

Customers get the chance to try the product before buying while your business gets more revenue. Businesses who use product samples get exponential returns their investment after giving away freebies.

For example, after giving away frozen pizza samples at Costco, a retailer saw a 600 percent increase in sales. The cost of samples might seem high to produce, but with the possibility of large sales increases, it is worth the effort. 

Creating the Best Customer Experience

Providing the best customer experience requires having a mix of outreach methods that keep your customers feeling connected. When their customer service experience with your brand feels personal, customers can form a lasting bond with your sales team.

The result is brand loyalty that provides you with the potential of a lifelong customer. For more information and business tips, check our blog for updates. 

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