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What You Should Expect From Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Apr 13, 2020 01:20 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
What You Should Expect From Your Personal Injury Lawyer
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When you get involved in an accident, finding a reasonable and experienced lawyer is usually one of the first steps to take in the process of protecting your rights. The lawyer is primarily supposed to guide you through the process of litigation, advising on the necessary documents that you need and also representing you in court. However, it is essential to know what expectations to place on your lawyer's shoulder to avoid disappointment, asking for more than you should or getting less. We have compiled a few tips to help you understand what you should expect from your personal injury lawyer.

What to expect from your lawyer

Proper communication

This essentially refers to the correspondence between you and your attorney throughout your case to create a working relationship. If you have a glitch in communication, then your attorney might have a problem. Well, there are laws that guide lawyers on when and how to engage their clients as the case advances.

You should expect to get an overview of the case progress whenever you request for such information from the attorney. The attorney should be able to return your calls or revert your emails during business hours. In a nutshell, your attorney should be responsive, and he fails to communicate effectively with you, you have a cause for concern.

Fair legal fees

Legal fees are often a problem that can lead to conflicts between clients and attorneys. Such concerns may arise because the bills might be too high, the attorney allegedly spent too much time on relatively easy legal assignments or the attorney could simply be overcharging you, among other reasons.

It is therefore vital to make sure that all the legal fees required are written down in an agreement between you and your attorney. According to a Nashville car accident attorney, a good personal injury attorney should be upfront with the legal fees you will pay. There should be no hidden fees billed to you throughout the engagement.


A competent lawyer should have core knowledge and the necessary expertise in his field to handle your case successfully. One way to tell that your lawyer is skilled is through their license to operate. That shows that the attorney passed their bar exams and therefore is qualified to handle your case.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that your lawyer is not infallible. Hence, you should not expect that he will handle your case with a hundred percent success rate. If something goes wrong, it is essential to treat your lawyer as a human and try to find a way to solve an issue.

This does not translate to complete leniency in case the lawyer demonstrates total negligence of your case. You don't expect mistakes like failing to file your lawsuit on time or representing you and the other party at a go among others. These are inexcusable and require an explanation. You can also file a complaint against the lawyer if their conduct doesn't fit the professional standards you expect.

Ethical performance

The legal profession has various ethical rules that are laid out for the lawyers to follow. Any attorney you hire to represent you should follow the rules while handling your case. Such includes representing your interests loyally, working within the bounds of law and performing their duties to the degree of a reasonably competent attorney. Besides, your attorney should not engage in criminal activities, as that might hurt your case.

Final Remarks:

A personal injury attorney forms an essential part of a personal injury case, such as one for a motorcycle accident. A good personal injury will help you get justice and the compensation you deserve. That said, it is crucial to understand the terms of engagement and the expectations on them to make your legal engagement successful.

More information about dealing with personal injury accidents you can find at, a useful online resource.

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