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Tools to Make Your Business Grow

May 06, 2020 05:11 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
Tools to Make Your Business Grow
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Owning a business is akin to running in a race - you're constantly on the move in order to handle all of those obligations you have. Many of these obligations will need to be handled simultaneously so that the business continues to run smoothly. So, what if you want to grow your business too? Here's a quick look at a few tools you can use that can make your business grow.


Many businesses are looking to go paperless, and this can be made easy if you have the right scan app. Evernote will do that for you while also allowing you to grow your business regardless of where you might be. You'll have access to all of your receipts, invoices, product and warranty information, insurance files and more right at the touch of your finger. No more hustling to remember all of the documents you need for that big meeting with the client because you'll have it all regardless of the device you've got with you. Going paperless can save you money while also saving the environment.


When you want to grow your business, you might want a tool like this. Toptal is a service that gives you the ability to hire freelance designers and programmers easily. If you happen to have an application or website that you need to create, some sort of technical issue to deal with, or even just a plan that needs a bit of improvement, this service will allow you to find the ideal professional to meet whatever your needs may be without a lot of work from you.


Having a strong social media presence, as well as a stable relationship with customers and the public is critical when you're growing your brand. Hootsuite assists with the management of a variety of accounts. These include LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and more. All of these can be managed through a single platform. Doing things like this means that you'll be sure that you get every single message an existing or potential customer sends you.


Everyone needs an invoicing platform, and with Due, you'll have one that is not only free, but it also makes your payroll easier. This is because everyone can use it, regardless of whether they're freelancers or small business owners. This is a relatively new company but in the 5 years it's been around, it has already helped thousands of companies and professionals when it comes to managing their transactions and payments. Additionally, it keeps records of all of your information so that you have the ability to track each of your accounts. 

Google Analytics

This is probably one of the most critical tools for growing businesses, because it provides you with all of the practical information you need for your business to continue developing. It gives you information regarding visitors to your site, what they're looking for and are interested in. Essentially, it assists with creating a better experience for your visitors while making it easier for you to approach your target demographics.


This one is for SEO consulting. You can utilize its SEO tools to enhance your website's visibility on the web or just get detailed information regarding SEO issues when you visit its community. Both of these will help with your SEO rankings.

Any business will only ever grow as much as you help it to, and you can't help it grow if you don't have the right tools at hand. The ones you've read about here today can help with a number of issues and get your business on the right track for grow

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