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How to Get Leads in Real Estate

May 27, 2020 11:43 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
How to Get Leads in Real Estate
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According to the Census Bureau of the United States, in the first quarter of 2020 the homeownership rate, i.e. the percentage of homes that are owned by the people that live there, in the United States is a bit over 65 percent. People that require the services of a Real Estate Agent tend to feel vulnerable. Most of them do not have any experience in the matter and usually buying, selling, or renting any property is a huge decision that has implications for the rest of their lives. Since the 2008 housing bubble, a lot of people are skeptical about the market. Real Estate agents that can inspire trust and professionalism will definitely win more clients.

In this guide, we offer some measures that will help you develop a strategy to get more leads in Real Estate. We accompany these measures with further literature or resources that will ensure that you find clients more effectively and increase the proportion of clients that will decide to take your services. Whether it is the online world or the offline world, finding channels where the topic of getting a new home is already in the air provides the most natural environment for you to present your services.

Provide a 360-degree service to ensure customer loyalty

The most valuable type of is a direct recommendation from former clients. Recommendations to friends or family that come from someone that has had a good experience with you have a unique type of authority.

-  Help the owner do background checks on the prospective tenants or clients. Nuwber offers a detailed report that will help you check whether prospective clients are telling the truth concerning information like their identity, possible criminal records, judgments, evictions, business records, employment history. This screening can help the owner avoid a lot of nightmares and preventing any danger to one of your clients will definitely make you gain trust from them.

-  Help owners and prospective clients understand how the process will look like (step-by-step) and make sure they feel accompanied in every step. Take your time to solve any doubt they might have. Also, make sure that prospective buyers have an idea of what might come to them in the future. For example, the Zillow Housing Aspirations Report concluded that 36% of homeowners regret unexpected maintenance or repairs at some point. Giving heads-up to your clients about these types of experiences will make them feel empowered and will give them the feeling that you care for them in this big decision beyond the mere economic matters.

Use technology in innovative ways

The internet has revolutionized how Real Estate Business works. People inform themselves continuously online, use the internet to search for available opportunities, and many use it as a very important tool for communication. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to building a serious online presence and go beyond to use all the available channels to gain new contacts.

-  Create a serious online presence. Be sure to have a professional website that is user friendly and full of helpful information. You can include some quotes from past clients that recommend your services. This helpful guide from Forbes will give you some interesting tips concerning SEO tips and this book from Paula Wynne goes into depth about the process of creating a Successful Website.

-  Be active in Social Media Channels. Make sure that people cannot find any embarrassing post or picture from your private life. There is a wide degree of freedom into how much you want to include your personal life in your professional profile. For example, posting some pictures from your free time with your family might help you give you an aura of trustworthiness. This Udemy course goes into depth on how to use Social Media to create complete marketing campaigns relying heavily on Facebook but also email marketing and other media like Youtube.

-  Be active in online forums and answer questions from people looking for advice about how to sell or rent their property. If your answer is helpful to them, you can then offer a consultation. Having in mind that you reached to help them will definitely make them more likely to accept your services.

-  Offer online seminars or a series of email courses to help owners with all the basic information they should know and take into account before renting or selling. Again, this will help you build trust in your relationship with them and many will be more open to your offers. Focus on forums or people that ask from your area of residence. Having the opportunity to meet the client personally without any restriction will be a big advantage.

Tips for the offline world

The offline world keeps being the place where your deals will take place. The key point in the offline world to get new leads is to think outside of the box and find natural situations in life where new property is a natural topic. Finding people to build a network and throwing housewarming parties will help you offer your services without sounding too pushy.

-  Offer free consultation and advice. People in need of your services might think that getting advice might cost a lot of money. Offering personal consultation free of charge will help you gain plus points.

-  Create a network. For example, it can be great to have some deep connections to people like divorce attorneys. In such hard situations, it is almost certain that one of the parties will need a new home and the attorney could help you build the connection. Some other people that could be interesting for you might be personal bankers, commercial lenders, and insurance agents.

-  Throw a housewarming party some days after the finalization of a deal. The new owners will invite neighbors, friends, and family. This will give them the idea that you go out of your way to give your clients a nice experience and this will be a very natural way of talking about your service 

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