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Four Influencer Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Jun 11, 2020 10:19 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter
Four Influencer Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus Outbreak
(Photo : Four Influencer Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus Outbreak)

The coronavirus has changed the game completely when it comes to online and social media marketing. It is not just that people are online more and consuming more content. It is that what people are looking for in their marketing has drastically changed. In a world where families are concerned about how they will pay their bills and worried about the slightest cough, they do not want to hear rich celebrities talking about how good life can be.

This change has taken a massive bite out of influencer culture, with news outlets such as Wired wondering whether influencers will be killed for good. What will probably happen is that influencers who can adapt to this new world will adapt, and those who do not will be out of a job. And businesses who understand how the winds of blowing can still use influencers as an online marketing tool.

You do not have to be the best social media company to have a solid marketing strategy which uses influencers. Here are a few tips to consider for how they can still be useful.

Think More Generally

During the pandemic, some businesses and influencers are better suited for the current conditions than others. Travel influencers are out, fitness and makeup influencers are in.

But that does not mean you have to just look at influencers directly relevant to your business. Those influencers who cannot travel or do their jobs because of the quarantine are branching out to other avenues, and they still possess loyal followers. All influencers are willing to talk about the virus and how customers can do things better.

Consequently, do not worry about trying to find the influencer who fits perfectly into your business's specialty. A good influencers with lots of followers at a reasonable price is a better choice than a worse one within your industry.

Inform, Not Sell

Right now, people do not want to hear a sales pitch. They want information. They want to know how things are going outside of their homes, what businesses are doing to adapt and help, and what they can learn as a way to pass the time among other things.

The goal should be to engage customers and keep yourself in their thoughts. Clicks matter more than conversions right now, and you should be working with influencers to inform consumers and get those clicks.

Stay Positive

You do not want to be a Pollyanna right now or appear out of touch, but your business is selling a message. Adweek observes that the best message is that of hope and empathy.

While some influencers have screwed up in that regard, good influencers will understand that message and be promoting efforts to help. By joining in that message and working alongside them, businesses can show that they care about how customers are struggling during these tough times. Working with an influencer can get you access to a wide number of viewers off the bat, and then that empathetic message will spread to others and improve your credibility.

Promote DIY

This marketing tactic has grown in popularity as people are stuck at home. Beauty parlors are telling people how to do their nails or makeup at home, barbers are providing haircut tips, and restaurants are talking about how to cook. This marketing technique shows that your business is helpful and cares about what customers want right now, and that empathy can be paid back once things improve.

While a business owner could show DIY tips or infographics himself, using an influencer is better for a number of reasons. An influencer with an established audience can reach out to more people, and is probably more used to showing strangers online how to do things.

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