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4 Tips for Selling with Sincerity

Jun 15, 2020 04:45 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
4 Tips for Selling with Sincerity
(Photo : 4 Tips for Selling with Sincerity)

Humans have a fantastic insincerity detector. Judging by small bodily cues and micro-expressions, you can tell when your partner doesn't like the Christmas present you bought them. You can tell when a restaurant server recommends something they're not really that excited about. And you can tell when a salesperson is simply going through the motions. 

Don't be the insincere salesperson. Not only is it a less rewarding approach to the job, personally and professionally, but it will negatively affect your sales performance. If you regard communication with the prospect as just another step toward a quota or commission, they will pick up on it. 

Be human, be engaged, and be prepared. Whether you're using cold calling software or meeting prospects face-to-face, here are four tips for selling with sincerity.

Move Beyond the Canned Pitches and Stilted Talking Points

If all you're doing is rattling off canned pitches, talking points, and sales jargon, while the prospect tries to convey their real problems in need of real solutions, you won't get anywhere. You can't hope to provide value to a prospect with platitudes and a stilted script. 

It's perfectly fine to follow a script, mind you - just make sure it sounds natural. Some scripting, including logical branch scripting, does a far better job of sounding fluid, dynamic, and natural. That's because logical branch scripting allows SDRs to adapt to changes in the conversation. You can build out the scripting to include material to handle various potential objections and responses, so your reps aren't stuck on repeat mode, restating the same pitch. 

Be Prepared

The more you know about the prospect, the more sincere you can be. The same goes for your product. If you understand your product's value, as well as the ways it solves various problems, the better equipped you will be to speak thoroughly, thoughtfully, and frankly. 

The sales process doesn't begin at the beginning of the phone call, nor does it end when you hang up the receiver. It's a continual process of discovery and learning.

Understand Your Prospect's Pain Points

In order to fully prepare, you need to understand prospects' common pain points. Be aware of the challenges your prospects face, as well as how maintaining the status quo is contributing to those challenges. If you learn this, you'll be able to sincerely position your product as a solution to a prospect's pain points. Without this information, however, you're stuck selling a product in the dark.

Actively Listen

The best thing you can do sometimes is keep quiet. The less time you spend restating your canned pitch (as mentioned above), the more time the prospect can reveal their pain points and objections. More than that, listening actively to your prospect goes a long way toward clearing the air of any "commission breath" - that reek of disingenuousness that commission-focused salespeople have. 

Long gone are the days of the sleazy salesman trope. Salespeople these days, to succeed, should be sincere - learning, understanding, conversing with, and listening to their prospects. 

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