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How Salons And Spas Will Reopen After The Lockdown

Jul 09, 2020 10:27 AM EDT | By Eric Hamilton
How Salons And Spas Will Reopen After The Lockdown
(Photo : How Salons And Spas Will Reopen After The Lockdown)

Many people are desperate to return to their favorite salon or spa, yet the continued presence of social distancing measures has made reopening a perilous issue for many salons and spas. Despite the fact that millions are yearning for a relaxing spa experience, public health must come first, which is why leading health authorities like the experts at the CDC have released guidance worthy of reviewing. Many entrepreneurs and hard-working professionals who depend on salons and spas for their paychecks are nevertheless confused and concerned about reopening as the lockdown begins to expire.

Here's how salons and spas will reopen as public health begins to improve, and what leading health experts recommend to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus. 

Staff safety measures to implement

The first thing that salon owners and professionals at spas will have to consider is safety measures for the staff. If the hardworking individuals who run these operations aren't capable of remaining safe, spas and salons will never truly be able to reopen. The CDC has provided helpful reopening guidelines to employers at nail salons which is worthy of our review if we intend to reopen in a timely and sustainable fashion. 

Most businesses will want to create a health and safety plan, clearly delineating what they're doing so that all members of the staff are on the same page as businesses begin to reopen. Attempting to reopen a spa or salon in an ad-hoc fashion where everybody has to figure things out for themselves will be disastrous. Business owners should thus ensure that employees have access to face masks, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning equipment that can ensure their workplaces remain extraordinarily hygienic even as large numbers of customers begin to return. 

Administrative efforts that change how people work will also be required. More appointments will be made over the phone and online than in-person, and this could very well remain true even after the coronavirus goes away and things begin to return to normal. Organizations like Dermani Medspa that focus their commercial efforts on a digital pivot will find themselves far more capable of dealing with the post-COVID-19 landscape than those spas and salons which drag their feet when it comes to digital technology. 

Water must be treated carefully

Spas and salons that have water offerings, such as hot tubs or pools, will need to take a number of careful steps to ensure that the virus isn't transmitted from person to person within their facilities. According to information provided by the CDC, frequently cleaning the surfaces that people touch, regularly disinfecting standing pools of water, and ensuring that adequate ventilation is always provided for will be of the utmost importance. Fail to do this, and your spa or salon will find itself incapable of reopening in a sustainable manner. 

Reopening these beauty businesses won't be as difficult as some critics assume, provided the CDC's guidelines are followed and social distancing measures are maintained. Rely on digital technology now more than ever, and your spa or salon will be up and running in no time. 

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