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CMM Automation Is Changing Industrial Businesses for the Better

Jul 25, 2020 06:24 PM EDT | By Eric Hamilton
CMM Automation Is Changing Industrial Businesses for the Better
(Photo : CMM Automation Is Changing Industrial Businesses for the Better)

Many industrial and manufacturing businesses utilize coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to automate their processes and production efforts. These metrology machines precisely measure the geometry of an object for exact and repetitive placement of intricate parts on a production line.  

Industries of all kinds use automation tools to cut costs, streamline processes, improve workflows, and elevate productivity and earnings. Industrial and manufacturing businesses specifically, however, automate tasks as they rely on exact repetition and data for consistent, accurate, and efficient production. 

There are so many ways that industrial businesses are benefiting from automating their processes by using CMMs for exact and repeated production. Using CMMs to automate processes allows manufacturers to be incredibly efficient and profitable in their business:

Accuracy & Continuity 

CMMs provide precise measurements of geometric objects to ensure that products are repeatedly created based on exact data. Having exact numbers helps to eliminate the need for manual measurement as it is easy for one to skew these numbers. Additionally, these machines provide reporting and relevant data for continued production.

Accurate & Efficient Production

CMMs boast automation abilities that help to streamline and speed up production efforts for maximum output and profit. They streamline manufacturing processes by facilitating faster and more efficient production, ensuring exact and continuous product development, and removing the need for any human interference.


CMMs facilitate accurate, continuous, and enhanced production processes that help businesses to increase revenue. The good news is that, in addition to the automation saving businesses money, the equipment itself doesn't require substantial upfront costs.  

When a retailer like CMMXYZ buys new & used coordinate measuring machines, they often refurbish their products to ensure certified, cost-effective equipment that doesn't sacrifice cost for quality.

Improved Resource Allocation

Many believe that machines, equipment, and other software and tools that automate processes or tasks cut employment opportunities as well as costs. 

Meanwhile, a 2012 study conducted by the IFR and Metra Martech reflected that machines could both indirectly and directly create jobs.

Tools and resources that help industrial businesses automate their processes don't take away jobs - they change them. Automation is about better allocating resources, not eradicating them. 

By automating tedious and continuous tasks, industrial businesses can allocate their resources and labour to areas where the human element of creativity, critical thinking, and manual assessment can be better utilized.

Reduced Chances for Injury

When industrial businesses use CMMs to automate their processes, they remove the need for human interference. The removal of this interference helps to reduce the chances of injury inflicted by machinery use or by being on a factory floor.  

According to Manufacturing Automation, "The chances of workplace injuries occurring in automated warehouses are much lower than the 2.9 million workplace injuries reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015." When machines take on production roles all by themselves, humans can moderate use from afar without needing to utilize equipment or tools that can potentially result in injury.

Removes the Element of Human Error 

Human error plays a role in the productivity of all businesses, and that is no one's fault. Various environmental factors can cause humans to make mistakes when manually reading, measuring, or altering a product, which ultimately hinders the accuracy and speed of production. 

Human error may not be a constant, but it is an essential factor in industrial production and the general workflow of any industry that is technologically or data-driven.  

Automation helps to remove the element of human error. Instead, it encourages businesses to allocate human labour towards tasks that require creative and analytical thinking that is better suited to people than machines. 

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