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How to Keep Your Business Thriving from Home

Jul 25, 2020 06:27 PM EDT | By Eric Hamilton
How to Keep Your Business Thriving from Home
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This year has completely changed the way that people work. To encourage social distancing, offices have emptied out their cubicles and asked for employees to do their best to complete their work at home. The transition has been challenging, but most businesses have managed to stay afloat by adapting to remote work strategies. 

As an employer, you may be wondering how you can guarantee that your business continues to thrive outside of your usual office space. These are some solutions that you could look to.  

Be Flexible 

One of the best remote work tips that you can follow as an employer is to remember that everyone works differently and has a unique home set-up. It's possible that they have young children at home that will draw them away from their desk. Or maybe they don't have a comfortable home office, instead opting for a corner of their dining room table or a section of their living room couch. These situations will affect their schedule, their workload and their results. Try to be understanding.

If the lower levels of productivity are bothering you, you should consider adding more employees to the team so they can pick up the slack. 

Boost Your Team

You can hire new team members from the comfort of your own home. Start by using a sales recruitment agency like Salesforce Search to take the burden off of your shoulders and find you the perfect candidates to fill your positions. 

You don't have to put out listings, filter through hundreds of resumes and hope that the applicants that you choose to interview are good enough. This sales recruitment service will do all of the heavy lifting for you by screening, interviewing, assessing and eventually presenting top sales candidates to you. When you have the best in the field working for you, your business is bound to thrive.

Encourage Productivity

Employees may struggle to be productive at home. They'll get distracted by the chores they have to do, like piles of laundry or dirty dishes sitting in the sink. They'll drift away from the computer and talk to their families. They may be tempted by the television and sofa sitting a few feet away from their desks. 

Encourage your employees to ignore these distractions and push forward with their work. Here are some simple ways that you can do that:

- Use project management apps to delegate tasks and keep everyone on schedule
- Use website blocking apps to keep tempting timewasters like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook at bay
- Do daily check-ins over email or video-conferencing apps
- Purchase tech like noise-cancelling headphones for employees
- Send them tips to improve their home office 

Don't get frustrated that they're not meeting your expectations and scold them for being behind. Working from home can be hard. Do your best to make it much easier for them. Then, you will see incredible results. 

Switching to remote work doesn't have to feel like a major problem. When you adapt to the situation and apply these changes, your business is sure to succeed. You may find that it's better than ever.

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