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The essential apps for your small business

Jul 29, 2020 05:27 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
The essential apps for your small business

Small businesses and their overall operations tend to be a lot more sophisticated these days due to the advancement in modern technology which lends them a much needed helping hand, especially when it comes to apps. There are thousands of them.

Other apps thrive too, of course, especially with the modern-day human being becoming practically inseparable from their mobile devices. Whether you're into catching Pokemon, posting pictures on social media, playing poker online at in NZ or watching a movie on Netflix, apps are a big part of modern-day society, and we're all using at least one of them out there. The choice is vast too, that's for sure.

Just like there's an app available for pretty much any type of audience, there are also apps out there for any type of business, particularly small businesses. So, with that in mind, we thought we'd go through some of the essential apps your small business needs.


Keeping on top of tax and benefits processes, alongside sorting out the payroll, can be challenging for any type of business, but especially a small one. That's exactly why apps like Gusto can be helpful. The app also handles new-hire reporting and all tax filings, among a whole host of other useful functionalities to help keep you and your employees in the know, up to date and, ultimately, happy. Gusto is definitely worth a try if you haven't done so already.


For freelancers and small-business owners, managing and tracking invoices can be a pain in the backside at times. Freshbooks allows you to create your own personalised invoices, it bills your clients automatically if there are any outstanding invoices, and it accepts credit cards on a mobile phone. You can also create profit and loss statements, organise your expenses and keep up to date with all the information you need. Freshbooks is excellent.

The essential apps for your small business


Enabling businesses to keep an eye on their overall health, Quickbooks' accounting software allows you to track profits and losses, sales and expenses, pay your employees and vendors, and much, much more. The app also allows you to connect to all of your accounts, be it your business bank account or even PayPal. Quickbooks pretty much covers all of your essential business needs, which is exactly why it has become so popular.


Communication is vital in any line of work, but especially for small businesses with a lower number of employees. Addappt helps with communication as it allows you to manage your contacts easier, it keeps all of your information updated, alongside enabling you to organise contacts in groups and talk via the app.



An instant messaging platform, Slack is a clever way of organising all of your chats into public or private channels, or even send them via a direct message. The best aspect of the app is that it allows you to share, drag and drop images - and even PDFs - into the conversation, alongside taking as many employees on board with the app as possible too. Yes, that's right, there's no limit to the number of people you can add. Pretty neat, right?


Time management isn't everyone's strong point. In fact, it can become a real issue within certain businesses, which is why apps like RescueTime certainly have a purpose. The app keeps track of your internet usage and sends detailed reports which give you a clear and accurate picture of how your days are being spent. From there, you can set various alerts to keep you off certain apps or even block websites you can't stop visiting.

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