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Three Approaches to VMware Backup

Aug 29, 2020 04:19 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter
Three Approaches to VMware Backup
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Today, most organizations, large and small, embrace the virtualization technology to solve challenges and enhance data security. Data backup is a critical aspect of VMware storage solutions. The VMware software creates multiple operating systems that function under one physical host computer. Hence, it is imperative to understand the different strategies you can use to back up the virtual machines. Backing up your information is critical in case you experience external threats, such as malware or hacking. You need to incorporate an approach that will guarantee reliable solutions for data protection. Try Vsphere backup solutions to get the best approach to protect your data. Ensure that the approach has an effective disaster recovery plan that will restore all your data without complications.

In this article, we shall discuss three essential approaches that can assist you to backup information in VMware software.

Physical Machine Backup

Virtual machines are similar to the physical computers since they have processors, memory, storage, and other components that ensure smooth operation. Users can work independently with many operating systems but over a single host machine. Thus, you can back up your data from a virtual machine by scheduling regular backups using an agent. It is an approach that is similar to backing up a physical computer.


It is a simple strategy that does not require special skills. Also, administrators can select essential data and apps for backup, which creates more storage space.

ConsThis approach does not protect the virtual machines in case of threats; it only secures the apps and operating systems.

File-Based Backup

The VMware software classifies each virtual machine in files and stores in a VMDK file. You can then copy the files as a whole and back it up in a simple process. While backing up operating systems may consume time and resources, VMDK file backup is easy and faster to accomplish.

It takes snapshots of various files and applications that you can recover later in one large file.


It is simple, fast, and does not interfere with the guest OS or the other applications in the virtual machines.


Restoring individual files after backup may be tricky since the process only captures the screenshots of the VM. Administrators can restore the entire VMDK file, which may take more time due to the nature of the large file.

VMware Backup

VMware software had an inbuilt data protection element that secured critical information through efficient backups. But in 2017, the feature was no longer available to end-users. Most users opted to incorporate third-party companies to offer sustainable backup solutions. These companies develop backup software that can function in virtual environments. Some of the backup solutions they offer are:

- Backup for compatible applications with VM

- Guest OS backup and recovery

- Instant recoveries of virtual machines

- Incremental backup strategies

Nakivo is an example of a third-party software company offering the best backup and recovery solutions.


Third-party solutions offer customized services that suit your business and deliver as per your specifications.


Some may be quite expensive due to the tailor-made backup services.

Ultimately, selecting a data backup approach in your virtualized setting may depend on numerous factors. Each of the above strategies has advantages and disadvantages depending on the virtual environment and the backup solution you want to achieve.  Your business needs, budget, and storage purposes are other aspects that may determine the VMware backup strategy for your business. Ensure that you select an approach that works well for you in terms of scalability, storage, and infrastructure.  Whether you want to do an incremental or full backup, it is crucial to use an approach with an efficient disaster recovery plan for smooth business operations.

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