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What Can You Learn from a DBA Degree?

Sep 29, 2020 08:54 AM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton
What Can You Learn from a DBA Degree?
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If you want to enhance your employability and secure top leadership roles, completing an advanced qualification might be the right route for you. Of course, it's important to know exactly what you can gain from a postgraduate course before you enrol.

Becoming a Doctor of Business Administration showcases your business acumen and sets you apart from other professionals, but if offers much, much more. To help you decide whether a DBA is right for you, take a look at what you can gain from a Doctor of Business Administration degree.

1. Specialist Knowledge

The format of a DBA means you'll spend a significant proportion of time writing a lengthy thesis. While you'll need to gain approval from your postgraduate supervisor, you'll have the opportunity to choose your research subject. This freedom ensures you're able to focus solely on areas that you're interested in and topics that are highly relevant to your career. 

In terms of practical gains, the specialist knowledge you'll develop while studying for a DBA can help you to become established as a leader in your field. This gives you a commercial edge and will no doubt attract a raft of interested employers, potential partnership opportunities.

2. Research Skills

A Doctor of Business Administration programme requires an extensive amount of research. To successfully complete the course, it's highly likely you will need to complete established research skills modules. For an example of how these research opportunities are structured, take a look at this top DBA degree programme outline. 

Once you have completed the required research skills modules, you will need to use the knowledge you've gained to conduct your own research. This will form the basis of your thesis, so your skills and abilities will be put to the test immediately. 

However, the research skills gained will not only enable you to obtain your DBA qualification. Research is a critical transferable skill when you work in a business environment, particularly if you're employed in a leadership role. By honing your skills through further study, you can ensure you have the knowledge needed to reach the top of your profession. 

3. Project Management 

Today's business leaders routinely use project management skills when running a business or department. Evidence suggests that the theories and philosophies which underpin project management help companies to operate more effectively and efficiently. 

When studying for a DBA, you need to be self-motivated, deadline-oriented and exhibit exemplary project management skills. Indeed, completing a part-time DBA and working at the same time only highlights these skills and your strong work ethic. 

Given that project management is such a highly regarded skill in the business world, it's easy to see why people with DBA degrees are so highly regarded in their respective industries. 

4. Critical Analysis

Typically, a DBA thesis is far more than an account or description of existing theories or case studies. Instead, students are required to critically analyse their research material in order to determine its relevance, accuracy and applicability in varying business environments. Being able to analyse concepts, theories and reports is a key skill, both in academic and in business. 

As a company owner or CEO, for example, you will constantly be analysing the various growth options available to you. Similarly, you may be tasked with analysing the most cost-effective way to increase in-house productivity. 

By applying the critical analysis skills you've gained from your DBA, you will be well-placed to make decisions that benefit your company and your own professional reputation. In doing so, your credentials and performance will be enhanced, and you'll find your talents are in constant demand. 

Should You Enrol in a DBA Programme? 

Committing to further study requires serious thought, particularly if you are going to study a programme as rigorous as the DBA. However, the increased employability and enhanced remuneration that are attainable with a Doctor of Business Administration may encourage you to pursue your goal. 

If you are thinking about enrolling in a DBA programme, be sure to choose your university or course provider wisely. Not all DBA programmes are alike, so it's well worth taking the time to learn more about the course requirements, learning opportunities and programme format. 

Furthermore, you'll want to decide whether a full or part-time DBA is right for you. While you can complete a full-time DBA more quickly, the freedom of a part-time DBA gives you the opportunity to retain your current position and continue working while completing your studies. This, combined with the flexibility a part-time DBA offers, makes it a popular choice for students who are already climbing the career ladder. 

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