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Why Buying Bubble Mailers in Bulk Makes Sense for Your Business

Oct 23, 2020 10:48 AM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton
Why Buying Bubble Mailers in Bulk Makes Sense for Your Business
Why Buying Bubble Mailers in Bulk Makes Sense for Your Business
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In a perfect world, you can expect mailing companies to take adequate care of your delicate valuables, so that they reach their destination in pristine condition. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, so matter which shipping company you choose, your mail will get bumped a few times before it reaches its destination. That is why you have to make sure that you pack your fragile valuables with adequate cushioning to ensure that they arrive at the destination just as you had sent it.

If your business always needs to send delicate items to your customers, you probably use bubble mailers a lot. These bubble wrap filled envelopes are one of the first choices for businesses that ship fragile items to their customers all the time, which is why they order bubble mailers in bulk for their companies.

If your company also needs to ensure that your products reach your customers in pristine conditions, you can read this article to understand why it makes sense for you to order them in bulk.

Fits Many Sizes

These envelopes are the perfect size that can fit many types of products inside them. Plus, they come in many sizes, which makes them ideal for products of several sizes and shapes. It makes sense for businesses to use them since they are more convenient to pack. Many companies make the mistake of sending things in small boxes instead. 

However, they have to put a lot of fillers inside them to make sure that the object does not move around. If they use boxes that are a perfect fit for the product, they won't have space for fillers. Bubble mailers already have bubble wrapped padding inside them, which makes them ideal for sending small objects of different shapes and sizes. 

Many people think that they can only use bubble mailers to send flat products. However, you can also use them to pack objects of any shape and wrap the envelope around them. Bubble mailers can be used to ship books, small electronics, make up kits, toiletries, lifestyle products, jewelry, and many others. The more types of objects it can fit, the more you will need them for your business. Therefore it would make sense for you to buy them in bulk.

High-Quality and Durable

As a business, you would want to pack things for your customers in high-quality materials, so that it reflects on your brand image. Cheaper materials like crumpled newspapers or rags do not only look unprofessional, but they won't protect your product adequately. Bubble mailers are made with high-quality and durable materials that will impress your customers. 

You can store them for ages and rest assured that nothing is going to happen to them because the insides are lined entirely with plastic. Bubble mailers are much more convenient to store at your business premises than boxes because they take much less space. Therefore it makes sense for businesses to order them in bulk.

Maximum Protection

Bubble mailers are known for their protection. That is why they are the most widely used form of wrapping delicate items for shipping. People also use bubble mailers for packing when they are moving homes. Bubble mailers come with two layers of bubble wraps inside them, which increases the level of protection for your fragile products.

Easy to Use

If your business needs to ship a lot of products to customers all over the country, you know how time taking it can be to pack each item. Bubble mailers often come with a self-sealing adhesive strip, which makes them extremely convenient to use. 

The insides of bubble mailers have a slip-resistant surface, so your employees do not have to stuff them with fillers to ensure that the product does not shift around too much. All this saves a lot of time for your employees, which means bubble mailers can improve your company's productivity. Products packed in bubble mailers can be stored and stacked conveniently because they take less amount of space compared to boxes.

Bubble mailers are also convenient to paste a label. They provide enough surface area to put your brand's logo and any other details on them. You can also use the surface of the bubble mailers to place "fragile" or "special handling" signs to make sure that shipping companies take extra care while handling them.

So as you can see, using bubble mailers can have so many advantages for your organization. That is why the world leaders of eCommerce, like Amazon and Walmart, use bubble mailers to ship most of their products to their customers. Therefore you should also take advantage of bubble mailers and order them in bulk.

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