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3 Things to Consider When Hiring Portable Toilets for a Franchise

Dec 14, 2020 09:30 AM EST | By Ernest Hamilton
3 Things to Consider When Hiring Portable Toilets for a Franchise
(Photo : 3 Things to Consider When Hiring Portable Toilets for a Franchise)

Portable toilets are a crucial investment for a wide range of different types of franchises. In fact, you can hire one or several for just about everywhere that you have permission. An organiser of events will want to see that their hiring of public toilets is in the background of what everyone is talking about after attending one of their events. To make sure of this, and that it does not feature in anyone's blog, companies who run events will want to turn to companies such as let loos who provide a full service in relation to the hire of public toilets. That is what this article is going to be about - the industry of portable toilet hire.

What is the Demand for Portable Toilet Hire?

Public toilets are in great demand for events and by the construction industry. Whereas the construction industry workers may not publicise anything that is wrong with the toilet facilities, as they are more concerned with getting on with the job, people attending an event will be more critical. Comments posted on websites and written in blogs can be very damaging to companies organising events when things go wrong. One thing that you can get right, because there are companies to help, is to make sure there are enough clean toilets available. It is always clear to see the demand for portable toilets at an event. Particularly when it is one fuelled by alcohol. Venues with extensive grounds to hold events struggle to cope with large numbers of people all wanting to use washroom facilities at the same time, so will have a need to hire extra public toilets on a temporary basis.

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Where Can I Put My Portable Toilet?

Portable toilets can, in theory, be placed anywhere where there is a flat patch of land with the required dimensions to place them. Whether it is on grass or concrete. However, if they are to be placed in a public place, then permission should be sought from the local council first. Private venues, of course, do not need to worry about his, and will often have more than adequate ground space to discretely place the public toilet, yet still make it accessible.

How are Portable Toilets Maintained?

Portable toilets are generally emptied at least once a week when used longer term. With an event, it depends on the numbers attending in a short space of time. The same firm hiring the toilet will, however, take care of this aspect. A technician will pump the waste that has accumulated from the tank, clean the walls of the plastic unit, and replace toilet paper, deodoriser, and hand sanitiser. At events with thousands of people attending, the emptying process will need to take place periodically throughout the day or night. Companies who hire these toilets will be experts in tank emptying, often providing additional services in relation to septic and cesspit tank emptying. It is all part of the service. The one thing that guests at an event will expect to see is that the toilets are clean and useable. It will be expected and noticed if it is not the case.

In conclusion, and in keeping with half the heading of this article, we should discuss blogs. That is, the regular commentary that is found displayed online in reverse chronological order. It is like a kind of diary, only much more public. As with handwritten diaries, bloggers will write about not just what has gone well but what has annoyed them. In fact, it can be more memorable. With this in mind, we should make sure that when organising events, we do our best to end up with positive comments. Those elements in the background, such as public toilets, should stay in the background, and not end up being commented on as if the bride's wedding dress.

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