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Here Are Some Tips to Help You Manage Your Nonprofit

Dec 21, 2020 02:54 PM EST | By Ernest Hamilton
Here Are Some Tips to Help You Manage Your Nonprofit
(Photo : Here Are Some Tips to Help You Manage Your Nonprofit)

Leaders often play a more significant role in nonprofits than other types of organizations because of the unique way many nonprofits are structured - mission-driven leadership is usually central. If you've recently stepped into the leadership role for a nonprofit, then a lot depends on you during this exciting yet challenging journey.

As a new leader, you must set your goals, motivate your team, advance your organization's mission while managing your nonprofit's valuable constituents. While the task may seem overwhelming, the right steps can make it easier. 

Learn from Other Nonprofit Leaders

Running a nonprofit can feel intimidating. Until you develop your own style and tactics, learn from other highly rated nonprofit leaders about management styles and techniques to practice some proven methods. 

You don't have to look far to find nonprofit leaders. Look within your own team and shadow experienced team members to gain valuable insight. 

It's also a good idea to hone your skills. Join professional nonprofit management groups online or do a few courses in nonprofit management to become an expert. 

Use Modern Tools

Like many nonprofit leaders, you can use the right Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage your whole nonprofit with ease. Good CRM software specifically designed for nonprofits offers membership management, case management, course registration, donor reach, and also helps you enhance your relationships with your clients and volunteers.  

Many nonprofits hesitate to implement new software because they lack IT departments, which is a shame as it holds them back from realizing their potential. Fortunately, nonprofit CRM, like the one created by Sumac, is incredibly user-friendly. Even their basic package offers live phone support at no additional charge. 

Aside from CRM, your organization can take advantage of the many nonprofit facilities offered by social media giants such as Facebook to improve your donor reach and analyze engagement data. You can also consider implementing chatbot programs into your website to engage with potential donors and volunteers in a meaningful way, accept payments, and share information while reducing the burden on your social media team. 

In addition, if your nonprofit collects donations publicly, consider using Near Field Communications (NFC) to accept payments while still observing physical distancing rules. 

Take Advantage of Your Organization's Strengths

Focus on your team's skills, knowledge, and experience to get the best out of them. Rely on the wisdom of team members with lived experiences.  

It's also a good idea to empower the real go-getters in your team to unlock their potential. Help your staff be the best they can be while you manage at the highest level. Make them feel valued in order to avoid turnover, which can be expensive, particularly for a nonprofit. 

Hire Strategically 

It's critical to hire new members to your team who can complement your organization's strengths and bring new skills to the table. The worst hiring mistakes nonprofit make is to refill redundant positions that don't offer much value and draw salaries from a limited coffer.

Finally, don't be afraid of change. Show flexibility and adopt new elements, whether it's helpful technology or innovative practices.

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