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Top Franchise Marketing Strategies to Start in 2021

Jan 14, 2021 10:10 AM EST | By Jacob Maslow
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Digital marketing tends to pose a challenge for many franchise owners. Franchise marketing comes into play when a marketing firm offers a company a wide array of marketing plans. These may include internet, commercial, mail, and radio advertising. They may also have public relations in this package. It considers individual franchises in different locales and utilizes different digital marketing strategies (branded) for them, functioning under one corporate marketing strategy. These strategies are implemented on the basis of competition and demographics.

Consistency of the brand

Every successful marketing endeavor entails building a brand. It is necessary to tailor an identity for your franchise to try and market. Consequently, it also forms the basis for franchise marketing strategies. The brand has to be appealing, intriguing, and relevant to both offline and online market leads. For franchises, this tends to be difficult, given the autonomy that comes with each franchise location. Local markets may get varying brand identities as different franchise locations try to implement their own. This necessitates brand consistency, which can only be ensured by having all franchise locations stick to the set brand parameters.

Franchise Marketing through SEO

Franchises consider Search Engine Optimization a necessity these days. Simply put, SEO places you as close to the top of search page results as possible. This means that when someone searches for something related to your franchise, they quickly notice it high on the results page. Ideally, a good SEO should get you in the top three search results. To achieve such rankings, Franchise SEO requires you to create volumes of content about your franchise. This content should stand out, be appropriate, and be intriguing. It should be able to give your visitors valuable insight into what they want. You will also need to make sure that your website speeds are exceptional. Franchises should also tailor the sites to make search engine crawlers quickly access, scan, and index the data on them. They should also be user friendly, secure, and support mobile devices. The content on your website should be authoritative and geared toward local searches. Geo-targeted searches will link you to searchers that are near you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing enables your brand to reach a vast audience globally. It also gives the franchisee access to local markets and helps them get in touch with ongoing trends. This is done by using the many social media platforms to help your franchise get to prospects and leads and build a brand in the process. Through social media, you get to interact with the target market and create brand awareness. It also serves to increase traffic to your website, which is a plus in the long run. The efficiency of this strategy can't be put into question, given its success and popularity. Franchises, in particular, stand to benefit the most from this strategy if well implemented. It is highly recommended that each franchise location efficiently runs its social media accounts to get in touch with local leads. This should, however, be done with heed to the parameters of your brand. Each franchise location should bear in mind that they are a reflection of the whole franchise.

Email Marketing

This strategy is based on consistency and recurrence. The franchise can directly reach existing and potential customers through their emails. This direct line between the franchise and its target audience establishes a relationship and keeps them coming back. For it to work, it is recommended that each franchise location tailors its email marketing strategy. This strategy should be based on insights from the demography of their local markets. Franchisors can use it in tandem with social media marketing to get in touch with local culture and preferences. Each franchise location can reach existing and potential customers and try to draw them back for more or finalize a purchase.

Online reputation management

Online reputation management involves the franchise being in control of what is said about them in online conversations. This ensures that interested parties only find positive and relevant material about your franchise. Franchisors and franchisees should also carry out this endeavor across all franchise locations to allow quick and effective implementation. Given one location represents the whole franchise, it is easy to tailor the online conversation to one that suits the business. Over time, online reputation management guarantees your company good status with the online audience.

Pay per Click Advertising

Franchises with limited budgets can consider this digital marketing model. PPC has been proven quite effective in driving traffic to franchise websites. It brings your franchise to the audience as soon as they are searching. For it to work, the franchisee pays a publisher when their advertisement is clicked. To be effective, it should also use the franchise's locations to get a more tailored response. The more relevant a franchise's ad campaign is, the more likely they are to be charged less. This form of marketing ends up being rewarding on both the sales and expenditure front.

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