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What to take to the University Checklist: Study Abroad Guide

Feb 01, 2021 09:51 PM EST | By Ernest Hamilton
What to take to the University Checklist: Study Abroad Guide
(Photo : What to take to the University Checklist: Study Abroad Guide)

So finally the most awaited thing has happened. You've been selected as an international student at a foreign university. With plenty of excitement to go to a new country, there is always some stress for preparing to set off and start a new journey as an international student. Whether you're just going for a semester, a year or for a complete four years degree time, it's essential to prepare for everything beforehand so you won't be finding out the important docs or things at the last minute. For that, we've prepared a study abroad checklist which would help you to pack all the important stuff and make your journey smooth and exciting. 

Important Documents 

The first element and the most important one is the documents. Yes, you can't be that stupid that you forget about your passport, but that's not it. You need to re-check your passport's validity and ensure that it's valid until the completion of your degree's completion. With that keep the international driving license, university acceptance letter, Insurance documents, student discount cards, debit and credit card and most importantly, the details of your accommodation. Place all of these important documents in a single file.


You're going to a new place and remember, your parents won't be there to give you money whenever you need it. So, you need to prepare for that. One of the most common mistakes students make is they depend completely on the credit/debit cards, which can become problematic in the starting days. Because not all shops accept your local bank or credit cards, you might need to take a taxi or bus from the airport that's why carrying local currency of the country is a must. 

Charge up the Gadgets 

Be careful with the electric items and pack the essential ones and leave the rest. These include mobile phone, chargers, headphones, camera and most important one laptop. It's best that you take a good condition laptop in the university so you won't struggle at the start. The good thing is that you can always find hp discount codes to get huge off on buying a new laptop. So, buy the laptop from your country, or you can make an order and get it delivered to the place you will be living. 


You don't have to take your whole wardrobe with you to the new place. You're not going to the jungle. Just pack the limited amount of clothing with you for the first month or two and rest you can buy from there. Because there is a weight limit on the plane ticket and it can cost you extra buck if that exceeds. So pack the stuff like underwear, socks, for the two or three weeks. Besides that, a pair of pyjamas, belts, two pairs of shoes is enough, a suit/jacket. 


As mentioned earlier you need to prepare for the two weeks worth of everything, so pack the deodorants, shampoo, razors, medicines, toilet paper and teeth cleaning supplies with you. 

Bedroom Stuff 

If you've taken accommodation in the university doom, then you will be provided with the bed, pillows, blankets and hangers. But if you're going to rent a place, you can take a blanket, some pair of hangers and a travelling pillow with you. 

Final Takeaway 

Studying abroad is a great experience. It should be enjoyed to the fullest. Don't get too worried about the packing and just take help from the mentioned checklist and you'll be good to go. 

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