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How to Improve Employee Engagement

Feb 26, 2021 09:17 AM EST | By Ernest Hamilton
How to Improve Employee Engagement
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Business owners have so many responsibilities and such a lot to think about. From budgeting effectively and efficiently to bringing the right people into the right positions and making countless decisions that can all affect the company's future, there's a lot to be done in any given day and so many different ways in which success can be measured.

As well as keeping track of profits and monitoring turnover rates, you also have to keep an eye on one of the most important factors of all: employee engagement. Ultimately, the engagement levels of your employees can play a major factor in the success of your business, and keeping employees engaged is absolutely key if you truly want to hit your targets and reach the top.

What Do We Mean By Employee Engagement? 

Before we take a look at some simple and proven ways to give employee engagement a much-needed boost, let's first examine what we mean by the term 'employee engagement' in the first place. Put simply, employee engagement is a measurement of how motivated, passionate, and focused your employees actually are in the work they do for your business.

It's essentially a way of showing how committed your employees are to your company. High levels of employee engagement can be seen in the form of motivated, productive workers who are eager and keen to get involved, as well as in the form of a positive and upbeat workplace environment. Low levels, meanwhile, often result in tired, bored, and frustrated workers who don't really give their all.

Value the Health of Your Workforce

One of the best ways you can start to improve employee engagement is by showing more care to the physical and mental health of your workers. Employees will naturally feel more committed to a company that cares about them, and many modern businesses are making real efforts to look after their employees. This can come in the form of workplace amenities, like gyms, fitness classes, and healthy snacks, as well as positive policies like allowing employees to take mental health days from time to time.

Reward Achievement

Ultimately, if someone has a real incentive to work hard and put the maximum amount of effort in, they'll be much more likely to do so than someone who doesn't feel like their efforts and achievements will even be noticed. Make sure you track your teams' performance levels and genuinely reward the best performers, providing positive feedback and even creating incentive programs to encourage everyone to push a little harder.

Have Passionate Leaders 

Passion, engagement, and motivation tend to be contagious. If a team leader is clearly motivated and hard-working, putting in a lot of effort and really displaying their determination to succeed, their teams will tend to follow suit, catching the 'engagement bug' and feeling more positive about their work each day. It's up to you to make sure that the most passionate people get put into these kinds of authority positions, helping to lead their teams to greatness.

Feedback Is Essential 

One of the best ways you can motivate and engage your workforce is to talk to them, providing regular feedback and review sessions. Studies and surveys show that the vast majority of employees want to get more feedback and like to know how they're doing, where they're doing well, and how they can improve in the future. So start organizing regular check-ins with teams and individuals and encourage managers to be more communicative.

Get Feedback from Workers 

Feedback works both ways. Yes, it's recommended to speak with employees and tell them how they're getting on and acknowledging their successes, but it's also important to be willing to listen to what they have to say. Employees can often provide the most valuable information and advice to help you make positive changes, so encourage them to be open and honest, holding meetings in which their voices can be heard. 

Strong Values and a Clear Mission 

Employees tend to be more likely to engage with their employers and feel more motivated to work each day when they know more about the company's values, goals, and overall mission. If a company feels a little aimless, without any clearly defined structure and values, employees will tend to feel the same way. So make sure your business has a key set of values that all workers are encouraged to follow.

Final Word

These are just some of the many ways in which you can start boosting employee engagement levels, raising productivity, and fostering a more positive workplace culture. In time, the benefits of higher engagement will clearly start to be seen, so it's well worth making the changes today and getting your employees fully on board with your business plans.

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