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Turning Majors Brands Into Digital Leaders - Maani Safa And The Winners Of 2020

Apr 01, 2021 11:56 AM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton
Turning Majors Brands Into Digital Leaders - Maani Safa And The Winners Of 2020
(Photo : Turning Majors Brands Into Digital Leaders - Maani Safa And The Winners Of 2020)

Each global-scale adversity comes with an assortment of opportunities. The same applies to the recent pandemic that has changed the demographics of the world - and its economy. Even the most stubborn and conventional businesses have to turn to digitalization. A task, that needs to be tailored and guided by experts.

Amidst the chaos, digital entrepreneur Maani Safa saw an opportunity and struck at the right time. The award-winning creative head assembled a team of prolific experts from various sectors of the digital branding and marketing industry. As a result, he formed Poppins, a boutique agency for elite tasks. 

Overcoming The Obstacles With Achievements 

Despite having launched mid pandemic, the founding team has worked vigorously to excel towards a top-ranking and highly-achieved agency within a year. Just as the classic character of 'Mary Poppins,' they strive to create magic  - through digital tools and assets. And just like the caretaker, they work compassionately with the clients. This has led Poppins to establish a profile that already separates them from the rest.

Safa admits that the agency and team has worked beyond the expectation as a new business. Each month, new clients and staff members are joining Poppins. It comes from the compelling team profile of experts. Maani Safa himself has worked for prominent brands like DeBeers, Audi, and Burberry. Joining the list are leading members such as Gabby Hegerty and Dan Sharret with decades of experience with Disney, Samsung, Google and many other companies. 

Accurately Positioned For Succession In The Post-Pandemic Era 

The digital marketing industry was already on the rise prior to the pandemic. However, several companies, new startups and high-achieving brands recently acknowledged the importance of building a prevalent digital presence. Thus, everyone requires a competent digital marketing strategy to thrive. Who would be better than Maani Safa and Team Poppins to deliver the results? 

Agencies like Poppins with collective expertise and dominion will become a new requirement for the people across the globe. Safa and his team acknowledge this potential and work to assist environmental-friendly, health and wellness brands and start-ups find their place and voice. 

Poppins are based in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. They are looking to build a sustainable, giving back in equal proportions. The objective is to deliver a positive growth and contribute towards humanitarian work as they move on the pioneering frontier of digital branding. 

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