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Here's Why It's Time to Order Some Promotional Products

Apr 22, 2021 10:17 AM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton
Here's Why It's Time to Order Some Promotional Products
(Photo : Here's Why It's Time to Order Some Promotional Products)

You might be reluctant to spend money on promotional products, especially when you own a franchise. Isn't the whole point of buying a franchise that you don't have to work as hard to build a business from the ground up? And how would promotional products fit into your marketing strategy as a franchise owner, anyway?

When you own a franchise, you're usually responsible for most of your own marketing costs, but check with your headquarters before purchasing promotional products for the brand. Headquarters may have specific products they want you to use, and they'll probably also have marketing strategies you can use to make the most of them. But while you'll need to get approval from your headquarters for your annual marketing plans, you'll usually be able to perform local marketing campaigns on your own, with some restrictions.

So, as long as it's okay with your headquarters, promotional products can be a valuable part of your franchise marketing. Your customers will think more highly of your brand when you offer them free gifts once in a while. Promotional products are cost-effective, boost brand recognition, strengthen customer loyalty, and generate sales.

Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget

Promotional products can be kind of a big investment up front, but you have to consider that these products offer a comparatively very low cost per impression over other forms of advertising. People tend to keep promotional products -- sometimes for years and years. Ideally, they'll carry your branded custom tote bags around town, or wear your branded hats or T-shirts, and spread your brand messaging to everyone they encounter. 

Some products, like pens and mugs, might be mostly used at home or in the office, but even less visible promotional products are valuable because they cement your brand messaging into the minds of consumers. Nine out of 10 customers who receive a branded product remember the brand messaging on the product, even as long as two years later.

Get More Customers and More Loyalty

Eighty-three percent of customers are more likely to conduct business with a company after they receive a promotional product -- and it's not hard to understand why. Giving a free gift fosters goodwill, and boosts a customer's favorable feelings towards a brand. That's because a promotional gift creates a personal relationship between you and your customer, which helps grow feelings of brand loyalty and can get you access to some great word-of-mouth advertising that will bring in even more customers.

Branded products are a great way to generate more sales, too, because customers love receiving them and they're effective at drawing leads deeper into the sales cycle. You can use promotional product giveaway tiers to motivate purchasing decisions, or give out promotional items to existing customers as part of a referral reward. Bring digital rewards into your promotional channel to encourage more cross-channel activity among your customers.

Get Your Brand Messaging Out There

The more people see your brand messaging, the more customers you're going to get. Widespread brand messaging promotes brand awareness and helps your company stand out from the competition. Nine out of ten people own at least one promotional product, and with many people keeping these products and using them for years, continued brand exposure is inevitable. The more that brand exposure is reinforced, the more brand loyalty your customers will have.

And promotional products are a great way to get your brand messaging all over the community. The right products will be worn or carried in public. Branded face masks, for example, can get your brand messaging right at eye level for the majority of people who will encounter your customers wearing the item. Most people are still wearing face masks for most of the time when they're in public, and wearables are the most effective brand messaging you can hope for. But masks aren't the only option -- hats, T-shirts, tote bags, jackets, embroidery patches, and more can all be used to parade your brand messaging around town on the bodies and personal effects of your customers.

Promotional products are well worth the investment. They're just what you need to turn a sales lead into a loyal customer, build your brand awareness, and grow your business for the future to come.

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