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How to Get More Positive Business Reviews

Sep 29, 2021 04:39 PM EDT | By David Thompson
How to Get More Positive Business Reviews
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As a small business owner or franchise owner, it goes without saying that the internet plays a big part in your success. For example, the reviews you receive from customers can easily make or break your business.

Your goal, therefore, is fairly simple: to secure as many positive business reviews as possible. Sure, there will be times when someone just isn't happy with your business, but overall you want to strive for a positive review every time.

You can't control what people think or say when it comes to their experience with your business, but there are some basic steps you can take to get more positive reviews. And as you do this, you'll realize that it's benefiting your business in a number of ways. Here are some ideas for getting started.

1. Just Ask

Many people overlook the importance of this one basic step. If you ask for a review, a customer is more likely to give it to you. This doesn't guarantee a positive review, of course, but it does increase the odds that the person will go online and share something.

So, before your experience comes to an end, ask your customer if they would mind leaving a review for you online. If you don't have time to verbally do this, such as if you run a retail store, add a sign or two to give customers the idea. You may even throw in an incentive, such as a discount code for a future purchase.

2. Remind Customers

Maybe you work as an electrician, plumber, or some other type of home service professional. You know that your customers don't generally leave reviews right away, but that shouldn't stop you.

To help facilitate earning that glowing review, simply set up a system for reminding your customers to leave you a review. This can be as simple as sending an email, postcard, or making a quick follow-up by phone. A simple reminder can go a long way in helping you secure more reviews.

3. Provide Top-Quality Customer Service

You know that customer service is a big reason for business success. So, you should also know that poor customer service can result in negative reviews - and that's definitely not what you want.

To help minimize the risk of a negative review, make it your goal to provide the highest quality customer service in your industry. No matter what it takes, treat every customer like they're your only customer. Even if something goes wrong, doing this can save you from receiving a negative review.

4. Answer Questions

This goes along with providing top-notch customer service. Customers may have questions about their orders, or they may ask something like "What does shipped mean?" Be patient with them and explain the order process and assist them with anything else they may need.

You're there to answer questions and provide guidance. Doing so keeps your customers happy, which improves the likelihood of securing more positive business reviews.

5. Respond to Negative Reviews

It's your hope that you never receive a negative review, but in the real world, this isn't likely to happen. There will be a time when someone isn't happy no matter what you try to do, and they're going to let the public know through a negative review.

You have two options. You can either hide from negative reviews or respond. In most cases, it's best to respond in an attempt to clear the air. Not only does this show that you're responsive, but it also proves that you'll go above and beyond to help a customer.

Get into the habit of reviewing your online profiles once a day for negative reviews. If you come across one, leave a courteous response and offer to make things right. It may not result in the person taking down the review, but it won't hurt you either.

Final Thoughts

Think about it this way. When you provide high-quality service and go above and beyond for your customers, there's a greater chance of receiving a positive review. Take this approach and it'll pay off in the long run.

Do you have any other tips for securing more positive business reviews? What has worked for your business in the past? What hasn't fallen short of your expectations?

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