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Why You Should Use Traditional and Digital Marketing Channels to Grow Your Business

Sep 29, 2021 05:09 PM EDT | By David Thompson
Why You Should Use Traditional and Digital Marketing Channels to Grow Your Business
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Constant improvements in marketing techniques make it easier for your business to reach numerous people in your niche. However, since most innovations have occurred in the digital marketing space, you might be tempted to abandon traditional marketing techniques.

These two types of marketing are often seen as rivals. Many marketers prefer digital marketing, seeing it as a new wave of change that will make traditional marketing obsolete. This perspective might be a mistake. Since both forms of marketing work, there is no reason you can't use both to promote your business.

Digital marketing can target your audience through various strategies, such as driving traffic to your website through paid sources like pay-per-click advertising or through free sources like search engine optimization. In comparison, traditional marketing can offer you techniques that have worked well for hundreds of years, such as public relations and advertising. Both offer advantages, and by combining them, you can probably reach a wider audience, convey your marketing message through diverse mediums to reach your revenue goals much faster.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

While there's no doubt that digital marketing is a cost-effective way to research a target audience, connect with them, measure response rates, and fine-tune your campaigns, traditional marketing still packs a punch.

Many examples illustrate how traditional marketing is still a viable channel for communicating with your audience. For instance, OOH marketing, an out-of-home promotional opportunity, can give your company access to a wide range of outdoor advertising by displaying your message on digital billboards, bus shelters, airport advertising, shopping malls, and street kiosks.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing remains a popular form of marketing today for some companies because it's still relevant. Although it's been used for centuries, it still works because the art of persuasion has hardly changed at all.

This tried-and-true form of marketing can have a long-term impact. It can increase brand loyalty, return business and offers many opportunities for creative expression because it is not confined to a single medium.

Traditional media works because

  • When a newspaper carries your ad for an entire week or month, you will eventually attract the attention of regular readers.

  • When you advertise on radio, you can explain the benefits of your product

  • When you advertise on television, you make your product or service more emotionally appealing 

Traditional marketing can also fit any budget. Small businesses can use newspaper advertising to promote their brand or service, while large companies can use television commercials.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

One unique advantage of digital marketing is that you can use it to manage the entire customer life cycle, from acquiring new customers to building relationships with them. 

Data analysis allows you to collect analytics and search engine optimization to provide insights into your customer behavior patterns. Social media management will enable you to create content on social media channels to attract new followers and engage current ones. Content creation allows you to talk directly to your audience through blogs, email blasts, videos, and social media posts. And email marketing enables you to send emails to a list of subscribers.

Benefits of BOTH Traditional & Digital Marketing 

While marketing in the future will probably offer even more innovations, they will still rely on the bedrock of traditional or digital marketing mediums.

While using either traditional or digital marketing alone can help you build a successful business, why not use both types to reach people both online and offline. For instance, you can reach hundreds of people who fit your target audience on social media with digital ads and thousands of consumers through television commercials.

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