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How to Cover Legal Issues With Your Product Launch

Sep 29, 2021 06:49 PM EDT | By David Thompson
How to Cover Legal Issues With Your Product Launch
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Although an excellent business model, product launches need plenty of attention to detail. Don't focus on the marketing or the financial benefits alone. It's important that you're also aware of the legal aspects. 

There are two main things that you need to consider before you launch your product.

First, understand if your product needs legal protection. If it does, register for a patent or trademark early so that someone can't steal your idea and trademark it before you do. 

Second, understand how the Consumer Product Safety Act works. This is relevant if your launch includes any physical products. This Act includes things like safety warnings and instructions on how to use the product.

Hire a Lawyer for Your Product Launch

Research what type of attorney you need. Most often, you'll need someone who can protect your intellectual property rights (IPR).

Still, despite hiring an attorney to protect your launch, you can still run into legal issues. Perhaps some disgruntled customers accuse you of false advertising, claiming you didn't fulfill the promises you made on your online sales letter. 

If something unexpected like that happens, then you may have to go to court to settle it.

Depending on the city, it's also advisable to hire a court reporter. For instance, if the case is in the Big Apple, it's beneficial to hire a court reporter in New York. This professional can provide you with transcripts of hearings or trial proceedings.

Have Proper Documentation in Place 

Product launch mistakes can ruin your profit. This is why documenting your process and getting all required legal documents will protect you should you have to go to court for any reason.

Without proper documentation, your launch could get shut down by a government agency. For instance, this could happen if you're launching a food supplement but don't disclose the ingredients on the label.

First, decide when and where you want your product launch, then put together all the details and resources that need to make sure you get all the legal documents necessary.

Also, create a list of all content you'll need for marketing purposes. This could include testimonials, videos, infographics, and so on.

Legal Requirements for Content Marketing and Advertising Materials

Because the Federal Trade Commission regulates advertising and marketing materials, you should put together a content marketing materials checklist to avoid violating any laws.

In particular, pay attention to two main sets of laws that govern commercial matters: antitrust law and consumer protection law. 

Antitrust laws prevent monopolies from forming and harming the free enterprise marketplace while consumer protection laws protect people from false or misleading advertising claims or practices.

Create a Fair Use Policy for Your Content Marketing Materials

There are many things that you need to do to protect your content and avoid getting sued. One highly effective way is to create a fair use policy document for your content.

This document outlines what copyrighted works someone can use without your permission. It sets out what is permissible, who can do it, and how they can use your material.

Digital marketers often face a lot of copyright infringement issues. This is because they often use other people's work on social media platforms, blogs, websites etc. Incidentally, this is not a problem faced by small digital agencies alone - even big companies fight with this issue! 

Ignore Legal Issues at Your Own Risk

Although there are many things that are important to cover during your product launch, pay special attention to legalities. The law is complex. Often the rules are unclear and it can be difficult to know your legal obligations. Protect your profits by learning the laws that you need to know.

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