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5 Ways To Make Your Marketing Smarter

Oct 27, 2021 04:54 PM EDT | By David Thompson
5 Ways To Make Your Marketing Smarter
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Marketing technology is still uncharted waters for many franchise owners. Yet, smart owners realize that technology can be the fastest way for franchise owners to reduce the stress of marketing.

When it comes to marketing, however, the big word on everyone's mind is the Martech stack. Let's take a look at why Martech stack is exactly what you want to lower stress, improve customer satisfaction, and boost profits in your franchise company.

A Martech stack is a set of technology tools that enables you to understand your customers. That sounds pretty important, doesn't it? You bet it is.

The tools help you collaborate, develop buyer insights, map the customer journey, create a marketing plan, nurture your customers, report, and optimize. Let's explore how you can use this to make your marketing even smarter.

Boosting Collaborating

In most franchises collaboration is the name of the game. However, the tools and practices often lag behind the big idea of collaboration. To be truly effective in agile marketing, teams need transparency and equal access to information.

We've all had the experience of being on a team that was the last to know. It isn't a fun place to be. It makes people defensive, reactive, and even aggressive.

The opposite is also true. When everyone has access to the right information, they make smart decisions. This helps remove silos, improve information sharing, and foster true innovation.

Tip: Examine how to use marketing technology to share information across your teams.

Developing Insights

How can you help your franchise customers? You need to understand their pains and dreams. Simply, you need to develop buyer insights. And, this won't happen by looking at a crystal ball.

Once you understand the big issues, pain points, and industry trends, you can use this research to shape your marketing message. This leads directly to mapping the user journey of your customer.

Tip: Check to confirm that you know what matters most to your customer.

Mapping The Journey

What matters most to your customers at each stage of the purchasing process? It's one thing to have a general idea, but it's another to have precise insight into what your potential customers crave-at every step.

When you have the right information, you can use social media channels and platforms to understand the precise needs of your customers. In turn, you can custom tailor your marketing in response to this information.

Tip: Make a detailed journey map to understand the priorities of your customers.

Planning and Execution

It's time to bring everything together into a single precise marketing plan. This is where you'll plan a campaign that takes into account buyer insights, personas, trends, and conversion data.

With your marketing research, it's possible to bring teams together to work on a big picture. It's a lot easier to see what has to happen when and where. This can invite people to work across silos, collaborate on refinements, and gain input from key clients.

Tip: Use tools that help everyone in your organization execute tasks.

Creating Automated Workflows

When you're working across locations, it's critical to look at scalability. Routine tasks help to boost awareness of your product, build interest, stimulate desire, and inspire action.

Automation is the key to unlock exceptional results - without spending nights and weekends sweating over details. To expand your impact, keep an eye on the small stuff. Automating workflows helps your employees shift away from time-consuming busywork.

For instance, in the process of converting a prospect to a customer, automate communication. Offer a series of emails, coupons, and referral offers to match the level of engagement. In the process, you'll discover what customers respond to, and can identify your best practices.

Tip: Focus on creating and automating time-consuming tasks.

Iterating and Optimizing

Nothing is set in stone. That's why in marketing, we know that our customer's experience determines success. Once you've got a marketing campaign ready to go, track the right elements to measure success.

Tip: Iterate and refine to find the best metrics to measure.

Wrapping It Up

Your marketing tech stack supports optimal marketing efforts across every phase of your customer journey. With the right information, you'll spend less time stressing and more time doing what matters most to your customer.

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