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8 Services You Need to Effectively Run a Remote Business

Oct 27, 2021 05:26 PM EDT | By David Thompson
8 Services You Need to Effectively Run a Remote Business
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Did you know it's possible to run a business without ever needing to meet people in person or have an office space outside the home? Running a remote business is easier than ever before. There is no need to sacrifice quality, because these service providers give top-notch help to other businesses. Whether you're a service provider or you have a product-based business, you'll need all these services to help your business run well.

Tech Support

Unless you plan to troubleshoot all your own computer issues, you'll need tech support. These guys can fix website issues, email problems, and so much more. When you're running a remote business a quality tech support team is worth every penny. They can assist not only you and your team, but your customers as well.

Cloud-based Storage

Unless you want to turn your living room into a server room, it's probably best if you seek out cloud-based storage solutions to back up critical data for your business. You'll want videos, marketing materials, client data, and more all in a secure off-site storage location. Many companies offer cloud-based solutions specifically for remote businesses. This also allows other team members or service providers easy access to the documents and data they need to do their work.

Customer Service

A great customer service team can offer so much value. If you're tired of fielding countless phone calls and emails, why not outsource this part of your business to a call answering service. These agents are skilled at answering common questions for your business to help customers get what they need. A call answering service can become a critical part of your business infrastructure without requiring you to invest in costly phone systems or a separate team. This is helpful as you grow and scale your online or remote business.

Text Messaging

Nowadays, some users prefer to use text-based systems to communicate with customer support. This allows them to get the help they need while working on other priorities. A text messaging or messaging service on your website allows them to get real-time answers to their questions without needing a robot to help. While bots can be effective for social media questions and inquiries, the best customer care is always provided by a real person.

Virtual Assistant

Gone area the days when you need a secretary right outside your door. A virtual assistant can provide the same services and more. Hire a VA to manage your calendar, book trips, coordinate schedules, create social media content, and even plan and manage projects. Each virtual assistant has a unique set of skills and abilities that they bring to the table, so it's important to know what you want a VA to do before you hire them.

Graphic Design

You can hire graphic designers from all over the world. Using marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, you can test out a designer before you hire. Graphic design services are essential even for basic tasks like creating an email template. You'll find designers who can help you brand your business, create stunning graphics for your social media and marketing campaigns, make product labels and help your business always look its best. Graphic design services are essential for running a remote business.


Finding great copywriters who can communicate your business is critical. The written word is how people learn about what products can do, how they work, and what to do to buy them. It's how businesses communicate. It's essential to find copywriters who can take anything you give them and write it in a way that sounds like you and your business. They can also write content for your website and all your marketing materials.

Sales and Marketing

Sales is distinct from marketing, but they work together to help you make money. The marketing team will be there to help warm up cold leads to your company and your products so they can take the next step. You can easily hire a remote sales team to connect with those warm leads and close the deal. A remote sales and marketing team can be trained through video calls, documentation, and e-learning platforms. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page while working for your company. 

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