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How Advancements in Shipping Has Changed Online Retail

Nov 04, 2021 11:12 AM EDT | By David Thompson
How Advancements in Shipping Has Changed Online Retail
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Between the advancements of technology, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ease of online shopping, the retail industry has changed. With shipping improving and decreasing the amount of time it takes to deliver what the consumer purchases, buying things online has never been easier. Whether it's the drone technology used to deliver Amazon packages or international air shipping, you can receive what you buy very quickly these days. Below is how online retail has been changed by advancements in shipping.

Cheaper Shipping

One of the biggest changes to online retail is the price of shipping. Large companies like Amazon have been able to offer cheap or free shipping to consumers on a wide variety of products. With Amazon Prime, next-day shipping is free. This was unimaginable not long ago. Now it doesn't make sense for consumers to get in their car and waste gas to drive to the store and back. If you know exactly what you want or need, you can buy it online from a variety of retailers who will offer cheap or free shipping.

Faster Deliveries

Depending on the business, there are now much faster deliveries than there ever were before. Things have changed. Shipping through the air is faster than on the water, especially when there is a problem with the supply chain. With more warehouses enhanced with automation and other forms of technology, companies can get the product out more quickly and delivered with private shippers. It is a dynamic business that is still progressing. GPS, automated machinery and transportation, and cheaper prices all around are making it easier to order products online.

Advanced Technology

Beyond automation in the facilities, technology is being used to deliver items purchased online. Huge companies like Uber and Amazon are investing in commercial technology to transport both packages and people. As these technologies become more widely available and efficient, the process from purchasing a product on a website to packaging and shipping it to the consumer will get cheaper and more efficient. Retail stores will survive, we all want to buy something and have it in our hands immediately.

Small Retailers, Big Distribution

Amazon has changed the game in many ways, one of which being providing the ability for small retailers to reach wider markets. Of course, Amazon becomes one of the richest companies in the world with these tactics, but it also helps small businesses find their own target demographics. It can help companies of all sizes discover new ways to pivot and invest in the markets they are successful in. With wider distribution and international shipping, the possibilities are endless.

Easier International Shipping

As the world globalizes and international shipping becomes more accessible for the average company, we will be able to order and send products around the world more easily. Big companies can already broker deals with specific countries, but Amazon may not help you in this way. Amazon FBA customs compliance needs to be understood before selling your product internationally on the website. These regulations will change over time and new markets will be created. With international shipping on specific platforms, you can already buy products from around the world.

Private Logistics

In many ways the United States set the precedent for private shipping companies. If you want reliable shipping in the US, it's wise to go private. Private shipping is more expensive than going to the post office, but who's to say that this will last forever? Private logistic companies will find the right route and for the right price, and as the market evolves private shipping options will become more affordable. When businesses strike a deal, it can be lucrative for both.

Shipping is tied into a lot of things-online retail and technology are facilitating just about every aspect of the business. Now, if you are willing to pay the price, you can have something delivered in minutes. This ability will become more accessible to the average person and the world will evolve. Technology is changing so much about society and our lives in general. Things are becoming more convenient and easier. Just about anything you want is available at your fingertips for the right price. Online retail will remain an efficient and profitable business. Only time will tell how it will all change. 

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