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Halloween Costumes For Couples 2014: The Spaghetti-Pizza Combo; A Cleverly Coordinated DIY Foodie Costume Delight To Whet Your Party Appetite!

Oct 25, 2014 12:40 AM EDT | By Felicity Maris Modesto
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Halloween costumes for couples 2014 are not restricted to lovers and hubby-and-wifey pairs. The only unspoken governing rule is that there must be two members to qualify as a couple. And with that, you must tie them up as one.

How do you pull this off? By unifying the costume design using just one theme. To save money while maximizing your creativity, you can opt for DIY (Do it yourself) Halloween costumes for couples 2014 instead of purchasing ready-made ones. 

As always, you only have to let your imagination take over, and before you know it, you would have already created a nifty costume without breaking the bank.  

Check out this "walking spaghetti-pizza combo," which is one of the Halloween costumes for couples 2014 featured on Pinterest. You can create this using common materials and get unique results, depending on how you want your food costume to vary based on your flavor preference. Here is one suggested method you can try.

The Spaghetti-Pizza Combo

Perfect for foodie couples, this pair of costumes would first require both partners to don matching red tops and bottoms (pants or skirts paired with red leggings or stockings).

*For the Spaghetti Lover:

The cleverly designed spaghetti-hat with matching hair can be created using a red plastic bowl with yarn or an old mop's head (Make sure you clean it before using, though.) glued around the sides, leaving just enough space for the face to peek through.

The same materials can be used as decors sewn or taped on the top and bottom to coordinate the whole look. For the meatballs, you can use small Styrofoam balls painted with brown acrylic, or balled up crumpled sheets of brown art paper whose shapes you can secure with a bit of tape or glue.

*For the Pizza Lover

You can use a large sheet of red-colored board or cloth cut out into an enormous diamond-shaped collar that you would fold in two, with one side draped over your front and the other one over your back. To make it look like a pizza, glue cutout colored paper in a pattern that would resemble your chosen variant's appearance. For headpiece, cut a hole on one side of a cleaned-out pizza box and wear it like a hat to complete your look.

Note: Feel free to vary your designs based on your concept. Check out the photos above for some inspiration.

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