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'NBA 2K15' Cheats And Locker Codes For The Month Of May That Will Help Earn VC Points And Bonus Items Now Available

May 04, 2015 02:41 PM EDT | By Sherylyn Toda
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'NBA 2K15'  Cheats And Locker Codes For The Month Of May That Will Help Earn VC Points And Bonus Items Now Available
(Photo : Bryan Bedder | Getty Images Entertainment)

As expected, 2K Sports have revealed cheats and locker codes for "NBA 2K15" PS4, Xbox One and PC users.

While a Pink Diamond Isiah Thomas locked code has already been unveiled for a limited time, VC Post reported that the game developer has given gamers a second chance, in which a freebie will be given via the NBA2KCast.

According to Latin Post, official "go-to-guy" of "NBA 2K15," Ronnie2K on Twitter, will most likely hand over the cheats and locker codes via 2KCast on Twitch.

And while the new codes for the month of May have yet to be revealed fully, Autoomobile claimed that previous cheats and locker codes for PS4, Xbox One and PC are still available to earn valuable VC Points and bonus items.

Below are the "NBA 2K15" cheats and locker codes, which will earn sure VC points and bonus items to boost the player's MyCareer or MyTeam game modes.

While these codes are readily available keep in mind that some of the codes provided in the list below may not be working anymore.  

The locker codes are available in the main menu, under the options bar; just key in the cheats that is provided below to give you instant VCs that you have been wanting for.

"NBA 2K15" Cheats that provides instant 5000 VC points are listed below, just type it in the option bar.


The following cheats can also be used to activate special items for "NBA 2K15" players in MyCareer mode.

  •  "BETWEENTHELEGS" - used for random shoe reward
  •  "ALLSTARMVP" - a new all-star merchandise 
  •  "THEROOFISONFIRE" - skill points 

20 contracts would be instantly granted for MyTeam game mode when "NOIINTHEWORDTEAM" is typed.

While some codes may not already work, most "NBA 2K15" cheats and locker codes provided above can be used for the present game mode.

More tips on MyTeam and MyGM game modes can be found here.

While locker codes and cheats are usually provided, other ways to earn VC points is through accomplishing achievements.

Instant VC points will be earned once "Dawn of An Era," where a player would be drafted in a lottery pick at MyCareer mode, is accomplished.

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