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PS4 Release Date For 'GTA 6' Will Allow Players To Become Police? Ryan Gosling As Lead Cast With New Female Character?

Jul 17, 2015 11:24 PM EDT | By Sherylyn Toda
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While fans are anxiously waiting for Rockstar to announce "GTA 6" PS4 release date, there are already rumors circulating as to what to expect in the upcoming car chase crime RPG.

Apparently, the giant gaming studio will have its fans on their feet with its latest addition to the game.

For the first time in its gaming history "GTA 6" will reportedly allow players to play the good guy.

According to The Latino Post, Rockstar may have listened to fans' request of providing more money generating missions like "having a job like joining the army or the police" because such missions "will give a more real feeling in the game."

In addition to playing cops, the publication also reported that fans are pushing Rockstar to have a 1970s inspired setting for the upcoming "GTA 6" once it hit shelves, noting that the era was significant to corruption and mafias.

"GTA 6 game engine can support destructible sceneries and the innovative idea is to think like battlefield where we can crumble some wall down or maybe explode some building with an airplane," GTA6GrandTheftAuto claimed. "This idea seems little bit simple but it will add more realism and adventure to the game."

When it comes to gameplay, the GTA6GrandTheftAuto mentioned that Rockstar will most likely bring back the six wanted levels, which was present at "GTA 4" before it was reduced to five in "GTA 5."

"Grand Theft Auto series is famous for all insane amount of violence which players had during the game play and all this excitement can be achieved through Wanted Levels only," the website noted.

And while there hasn't been any official announcement yet, a PS4 release date for "GTA 6" is most definitely imminent.

The next installment to Rockstar's car chase action adventure franchise will reportedly make waves in 2018.

"The much awaited "GTA 6" release date is speculated to be in the year 2018," Yibada reported.

The Fuse Joplin on the other hand claimed that the release will happen between 2018 to 2020.

And while the release date has yet to be scheduled, there are already ongoing rumors as to who will star in the upcoming "GTA 6."

"The Notebook" heartthrob Ryan Gosling is rumored to be the next star in the game together with a new female character.

"The highly anticipated gaming title 'Grand Theft Auto 6,' the next installment in the most successful Rockstar Games' 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise, will feature Ryan Gosling." Yibada reported.

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