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Jennifer Aniston Hooked Up With ‘Friends’ Co-Star Matt LeBlanc? His Dad Says ‘He Goes After Dirt Bags’

Jul 25, 2015 11:26 PM EDT | By Mic Florendo
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There were rumors coming out that Jennifer Aniston had an affair with her "Friends" co-star Matt LeBlanc.

This was revealed by the actor's own father Paul LeBlanc during an interview with Star Magazine.

"He had fun, that's for sure," he said. "He even had a relationship with one of the girls...Jen. They would make out in the dressing rooms. He told me about it - it was when she was married to Brad Pitt," Matt's dad added.

However, the 46-year-old actress denied the rumors that she hooked up with the 47-year-old actor.

"It is absolutely 100 percent false!" Jen's rep told Hollywood Life. "Jennifer has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with Matt LeBlanc."

Apart from Jennifer Aniston's affair with his son, Paul LeBlanc revealed more shocking secrets about the popular TV series "Friends."

The 73-year-old dad claims that Matt thought that Matthew Perry, who starred as Chandler in the show, was an a**hole.

"He [Matt] wanted to pound on [Matthew] a couple of times," he told Radar Online.

Paul also said that his son thought that David Schwimmer was kind of dry and a bit too serious while Lisa Kudrow was a very likeable person.

Many fans are hoping to see a reunion of "Friends" but he says that may not happen because of the bad blood amongst cast members.

Some people think that Paul LeBlanc was just making up stories about Matt LeBlanc's affair with Jennifer Aniston because of a falling out with his son three years ago.

He is now living in a small condo after Matt evicted him and says that his son changed because of fame.

"I'd rather he was poor and be a human being. I'm obviously proud of what he's achieved but he has no compassion," Paul said. "The more money he makes the more ruthless he gets. He's still my son but I'm very hurt by what he's done and the type of person he's become."

Paul LeBlanc also revealed that his son's lovable character Joey is very far from his real personality. He has even given up on fixing their damaged relationship.

"I spend every waking-moment thinking about it and really it's not good for my health," Paul said. "He goes after dirt bags," he shockingly claims.

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