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Apple New iPads Release Date: Lighter and Thinner Tablets Due Out Nov. 1 (PHOTO)

Oct 22, 2013 04:17 PM EDT | By Justin Stock
Apple, iPad Air

As it strives to stay ahead of its competitors, Apple unveiled a new iPad mini during the company's media event Tuesday in San Francsico Bloomberg reported.

This is just the beginning for iPad," Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook said in a statement. "We have been busy working on the next generation of iPad."

The new product named the iPad Air features a high definition screen, and a slender, and less heavy design. Customers can buy the product beginning Nov. 1 for $499 and up Bloomberg reported.

This will be followed by the release of the iPad Mini further into the month for $389 and up. This is more than the cost of the device's older model at $329, which has sold 170 million copies to date.

Apple expects to bring the product to China while also unveiling it in other markets in an attempt to adapt to a time when people prefer mobile devices instead of desktops Bloomberg reported. According to Gartner, desktop and laptop computer sales have decreased 11.2 percent at other companies including Microsoft, Intel, and Hewlett Packard so far this year.   

Tuesday's event also saw Apple unveil new software for its Mac computer known as Maverick.

"We still believe deeply in this category and we're not slowing down on our innovations" in Macs, said Cook.

The software is available free of charge, and was shown on one of Apple's Mac Book Pro desktop computers updated with the new software, and specialized for tasks require additional computing skills like graphic design, and film editing.

Tuesday's news is also the company's latest development in its attempt to unveil a fresh slate of products in time for shoppers to purchase during the important holiday time period for retailers.

This has also included the company's release of the iPhone 5s and 5c in September.

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