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'Tekken 7' PS4 Release Date Near Fruition? Sony Considering A Virtual Reality Version Too?

Dec 18, 2015 08:58 PM EST | By Sherylyn Toda
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'Tekken 7' PS4 Release Date Near Fruition? Sony Considering A Virtual Reality Version Too?
(Photo : Kiyoshi Ota | Getty Images Entertainment)

Fans are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bandai Namco's hit fighting game title, "Tekken" this year.

Released on March 18, 1995 on arcades, "Tekken" has certainly taken over the gaming world by storm.

With 20 years in the business, fans are becoming more and more excited to finally play the "Tekken 7" version of the game to new generation consoles such as PS4.

And while the release date has yet to be announced, Sony reportedly confirmed on its PlayStation Blog that the highly-anticipated game will be launched in their gaming consoles.

In line with the game's 20th anniversary celebration, Bandai Namco has glady shared what fans could expect of "Tekken 7" once the release date arrives.

"Tekken is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the latest chapter in the historic series," the blog stated. "Continue the fight amongst the Mishima clan and its newest member: Kazumi Mishima. What secrets will be revealed within the Mishima clan? The epic conclusion will unfold in Tekken 7!"

Meanwhile, "Tekken" series producer Katsuhiro Harada talked about the difference of the story between the arcade and the PS4 releases over at Event Hub.

"There are two main sides to Tekken 7," he said explained. "The first is to neatly tie up all of the storylines that have developed over the course of 20 years for the Tekken series. Since it's Tekken's 20th anniversary, story will play a big part this time around, which is why we wanted to tie things up and reach a conclusion. So in that sense, we hope to be able to wow and recapture the imagination of players who focus on characters and backstories in the games. This will take quite a bit of time to put together, but we have a couple of things in store."

And while waiting for the official release date announcement of "Tekken 7" to PS4 and other new generation consoles, The Verge reported that details of having a Virtual Reality version of the hit title is now being considered during the concluded Paris Game Week.

According to the publication, Sony is considering to bring "Tekken 7" along with games like "Until Dawn," "Rigs: Mechanized Combat League," "Robinson: The Journey," "Battlezone" and "Gran Turismo" on VR.

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