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How can you focus on professional development when you are on the road?

Mar 19, 2017 11:41 PM EDT

What is iTrucking I hear you ask? I would imagine that it stands for "Intelligent Trucking" and refers to an amazing new app that has just been released for Android devices. As a trucker and living your life on the road for long periods of time, it can be quite a lonely experience and one that can leave you quite detached form the world around you.

Travelling thousands of miles at a time, crossing time zones, state borders, and even countries can really take its toll but there are things you can do, and apps you can download to help you break up the monotony and stay connected to what's going on, wherever you are. There are lots of apps out there for truck drivers, but not any quite like iTrucking. It brings together the core areas and the most important things you need to know in once place, and packages them in a slick, well designed, and coherent way that means you can easily stay abreast of the things that matter to you.


Being a trucker means that you can spend long periods of time on the road, often going many hours without seeing or speaking to anyone. Picking up the phone and placing a call is not always appropriate and sometimes you just really want to talk to someone who is in the same job, in the same industry, and can sympathise with your frustrations or issues, or likewise, agree with you on important issues. The iTrucking application offers a chat room which connects truckers from all over the world. You can log in and talk to people working in different roles, different companies, different states, or even different countries. Whether you just want to chew the fat, or you want to discuss news items or industry developments, you can do so quickly and easily through the messaging section of the application.


Trawling news sites for information that is relevant to the industry can be really time consuming and frustrating. There are many apps and websites out there that claim to give you trucking news, but in actual fact mix it up with other news items that are just not of interest. Save yourself some valuable time by weeding out all of the irrelevant news and stick to the stories that impact you. iTrucking brings together all the most important bits of industry news and puts it in one easy to find place for your viewing pleasure.


Getting itchy feet? Looking for a payrise? Want to see what other opportunities are out there? Well now you can as a part of the iTrucking app. It helpfully brings together over 700,000 trucking industry jobs in one place and from all the big names in the trucking world. It is important to stay up to date with what is going on in the job market to make sure that you are not being short changed in your current role, or even worse, missing out on a prime opportunity from other trucking companies somewhere else.

Trucking is one of the hardest jobs in the world. With long hours, minimum human interaction, and tough working conditions but apps like this can really make a difference to you and your working day. Being a professional in a demanding role, it helps to have all the most important news and information at your fingertips, as well as having the opportunity to bond and connect with other workers in the industry. Take your job seriously, see it as more than just a way to make money, and invest time and energy in staying on top of everything by using iTrucking to keep you up to date.

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