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Ferguson Shooting Protest Continues And Rage Against The Machine Guitarist Tom Morello Debuts A New Song To Show His Support Against Inequality

Sep 11, 2014 10:10 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter
Tom Morello, Ferguson shooting, Rage Against the Machine, The Nightwatchman, Missouri, Eric Snowden, Michael Brown

The Ferguson shooting protest continues to hunt the American government and the whole nation. Although the unrest has died down a bit, its psychological effects to lives of ordinary citizens have dented people's trust to the police forces. The very first public meeting since the shooting in the Missouri city has been held and it was filled with anger, mostly from the camp of the 18-year old victim, Michael Brown.

The tensions may be happening only in Ferguson but its effect is worldwide. Celebrities and ordinary people alike have made their voices heard. One celebrity made himself heard, not just through Twitter posts or printed statements but through a dedicated song. At the Jail Guitar Doors' Rock Out! benefit concert last September 5, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello released a new song titled “Marching on Ferguson.” The title is obviously a reference to the Ferguson Shooting Protests going on for months now.

Morello, also known as the Nightwatchman, has been one of many celebrities that condemned the Michael Brown shooting when the news broke out in early August. He once tweeted, "Against death penalty but if instituted 4 killer cops, corporate criminals & presidents who go to war under false pretense might be deterrent?"

The 50-year old musician has dedicated most of his life in activism. He and System of a Down's Serkj Tankian even founded Axis of Justice, a group whose purpose is to “bring together musicians, fans of music, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice together."

In August 27 interview with Believer magazine, Morello expressed his support for Eric Snowden, a former NSA employee who leaked classified information concerning the government's spying of ordinary citizens. He said that the likes of Snowden should not be called whistleblowers but 'righteous heroes.'

“Well, I have another name for what they’re terming whistleblowers, and that’s righteous heroes. From Bradley Manning to Snowden. They’re people of conscience who are unwilling to turn a blind eye to the crimes of our government. And thank goodness for them.”

He also shared some opinion that is somehow related to Ferguson Shooting Protests.

BLVR: Okay, but, should somebody be responding to the injustice they see with violence? I mean—

TM: What is poverty, if not violence. You know? Like, the number of people who die every year from starvation and from hunger and poverty is in the tens of millions. Imagine if there was an Al Qaeda attack that killed tens of millions, how that violence would be condemned. Poverty is curable, but it’s just not done, because it’s not profitable. And that is the kind of violence that’s perpetuated on humanity.

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