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The Strain TV Series Season 2 Spoiler: Mia Maestro Says Eph's Decision Not To Kill His Wife Would Divide The Group In Show's Return Next Year

Oct 08, 2014 09:14 PM EDT | By Rolly Gacelo
The Strain TV Series Season 2, spoiler, Mia Maestro, Finale, Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Miguel Gomez

The Strain TV series Season 2 is probably more than half a year before it makes its debut. The show had a not-so-good finale last week and fans are probably raring to see the show turn things around. That chance though for the FX series will not happen until 2015.

During the final episode, the team failed to kill the Master even if it was already badly hurt by Professor Abraham Setrakian (played by David Bradley). Gus (played by Miguel Gomez) tried to escape from the head of vampire-killing undead band named Quinlan, who remains mysterious up to now, only to end up in a room full of creepy vampires. Quinlan calls them the Ancient and they want Gus to work for them during day time when vampires are powerless. The events leading to the finale promises more action and creepy vampires. Unfortunately, the show will not be back until 2015.

To prevent you from having a Strain withdrawal, here's an early treat for you from Mia Maestro who plays Dr. Nora Martinez. According to the Strain TV Series Season 2 spoiler revealed by Maestro, the new season will still be haunted by the decisions made by Elph (played by Corey Stoll) at the finale. As you can recall, their group ended up in the house of Dr. Goodweather after his son, Zachary (played by Ben Hyland) pretended that he ran out of inhaler for his asthma. At their home, they found Mrs. Kelly Goodweather (played by Natalie Brown) who already turned into a vampire. Eph decided not to kill his former wife, and that is something that will set the tone in season two. Because of this decision, the group might crumble and take different paths.

"I think that's going to divide the group definitely," Maestro told Zap2it in an interview.

Warning: This is a major The Strain TV series spoiler so read at your own risk.

There will be a conflict of interest according to the 36-year old Argentinean actress, especially with the fact that her character, Nora, killed her own mother to prevent her from terrorizing even more people.

"It brings Nora a lot closer to him and Eph now falls in a different category because he didn't do what needed to be done with Kelly," she explained.

The show will start production by November this year so expect The Strain TV Series Season 2 Spoiler to come.

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