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‘Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory Tower’ Now Out in Xbox 360 after Its Delayed Release

Nov 10, 2014 10:50 PM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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Days after its Sept. 23 release date, DLC's last and third installment has been finally released for Xbox 360 as well as for PC, Digital Spy reported. The next generation console version of the "Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory King" was released during the end of September.

The third and final edition of Namco Bandai's "Lost Crown" trilogy of "Dark Souls 2" was given £7.99 price for individual pack and £19.99 as part of the entire chapter of "Dark Souls Season 2." In the game developer and publisher's effort in promoting the new game, Namco Bandai has even released a trailer a week after its release in Xbox 360 consoles, as reported by Gameranx.

"Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory Tower," set in "sub-freezing world of snow and ice" is reportedly packed with new features like its new setting, new bosses and enemies, and of course if you have new villains, player will more likely have improved set of items, weapons and even armors.

The recently released game was dubbed as a 'grand finale' for the long running game franchise. While its predecessors, "Crown of the Sunken King" and "Crown of the Old King," features boost in design and challenge, "Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory Tower" present players with the hardest challenges and toughest enemies.

Looking back, a review of the video game the previous games from the DLC's trilogy have been fairly impressive event before the "Crown of the Ivory Tower" was launched. "Crown of the Sunken King" feature exemplary design of the game and the "Crown of the Old King" featured two fantastic bosses coupled with better narrative expansions which made the game more exciting and understandable as well.

As the newest and the last installment of the game trilogy, "Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory Tower" was able to deliver smooth and connected design in the game's two levels. The game developer allow players to explore the open world of the two levels in the icy game and though gamers may do tasks repetitively, doing so; gives purpose and feels rewarding.

The repetitive feature is brought by the new bosses. The required repetitive exploration will then allow players to finally confront the game's new boss. Players also have the option of not completing the repetitive task but it will be harder to defeat the boss.

"Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory Tower" also features more interaction with NPC's that kept players more engrossed as the story unfolds. The new foes, some based from the previous chapter of the game, also created a more exciting gaming experience.

It is also important to note the significant improvement in Eleum Loyce which concerns new hats, including Bell hat, Lucatiel's hat, without mask, and a very special returning hat from the first "Dark Souls" installment. Players who are not fond of hats can also use new weapons and armors in the new "Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory Tower."

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