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‘Tales from the Borderlands’ First Trailer Released; First of the Five-Part Episodic Game Series Will Be Available ‘Soon’ for Next-Gen Consoles

Nov 18, 2014 01:17 AM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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The American independent digital publisher has finally released the first teaser for its upcoming episodic game. After "Tales from the Borderlands" was announced, Telltale Games has recently showed-off the anticipated video game's gameplay teaser.

Known for its impeccable work in "The Walking Dead" and "The Wolf Among Us," "Tales from the Borderlands" is another emotionally gripping video game from Telltale. Set also in the planet of Pandora, the upcoming game's storyline will occur after the "Borderland 2." This means the episodic game will be "the furthest into the overall Borderlands universe any game has gone before."

"Tales from the Borderlands" first released gameplay trailer showed some key aspects of the upcoming game which include the protagonist, Rhys and Fiona. The entire game, set to have five episodes, will be seen in Rhys and Fiona's point-of-view.

Rhys, a Hyperion employee who idolizes and would like to the next Handsome Jack, will feature the voice of Troy Baker. Baker has been a voice talent for "The Last of Us" and "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare." Rhys will then cross paths with Fiona, a con artist of Pandora who aims for her highest score yet. The Tales from Borderlands' second main character will be voiced by Laura Bailey of "Infamous: Second Son" and "The Wolf Among Us."

A Hyperion boss named Vaughn will be a tough antagonist and will be voiced by Chris Hardwick of "Nerdist" and "The Legend of Korra." Another revealed character is Sasha that will feature the voice of the Telltale veteran Erin Yvette of "The Walking Dead" and "The Wolf Among Us."

A handsome leading man named August will also be seen in "Tales from the Borderlands" and he will be voiced by Patrick Warburton. Telltale Games also announced the inclusion of Vasquez, voiced out by Patrick Warburton, and Handsome Jack, voiced out by Dameon Clark.

Telltale Games also announced the imminent release of "Tales from the Borderlands" first episode titled "Zer0 Sum" for digital download across diverse type of consoles. The game developers said the upcoming graphic adventure game will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mac, PC, and even iOS consoles.

"Zer0 Sum," as the debut episode of the anticipated graphic game, will be available via Playstation Network for PS3 and PS4 players at $4.99. On the other hand, "Tales from the Borderlands" season pass will cost $19.99. Xbox One and Xbox 360 season pass will be more at $14.99 while episodic purchase will have the same rate as PS3 and PS4.

The entire series of the game costs $24.99 for PC and Mac book users while it has been reported that "Tales from the Borderlands" will also be available for iOS devices through Apple App Store and to Android gadgets before the year ends.

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