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Sony Addresses ‘Alien Isolation’ PS4 Patch Bugs; Sony Ask Players to Uninstall the 1.02 Update and Revert to 1.01 Version

Nov 18, 2014 11:37 PM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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The Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher have finally heeded its gamer's clamors about the glitches of the recently released update. Sega has proved that they are currently working on the issues haunting the "Alien Isolation" PS4 version's patch, Eurogamer reported.

A first-person survival horror stealth game, "Alien Isolation" has been recently given a new 1.02 version update. Unluckily though, the game's new update has been plagued by issues that give players a harder gaming experience, especially in finishing the game's Mission 5.

Sony said they are currently working on the glitch that exists in Alien Isolation's PS4 version. "We're currently working with Sony on a fix and will have that available as soon as possible." For the meantime, the Japanese tech giant said they have already got rid of the malfunctioning patch for PS4 version only and released instructions on how to uninstall the 1.02 update.

"Alien Isolation" players who have already installed the new patch can revert to the old 1.01 version. To do this, gamers will have to uninstall the entire game. This should be done carefully as erasing the game might also remove the player's own progress.

After uninstalling the video game, gamers should reinstall "Alien Isolation" to their Playstation 4 and download and install the patch 1.01 version which is available in Playstation Network. After doing so, Sony said the game will be working fine.

The version 1.02 patch has been causing some great dilemmas to the players of the recently released horror shooting game, Video Gamer reported. Players of "Alien Isolation" reported that the new update caused the game to crash and brought some saving issues to the entire video game.

One player even claimed in his Twitter post that the malfunctioning patch made "Alien Isolation" "unplayable." It was then figured out that a CE-34878-0 crash bug is the culprit that is working against Alien Isolation's latest patch. The game developer, Creative Assembly, has also spoken about the issue and confirmed that they are also looking for ways to stop the bug.

Creative Assembly said, "We're aware that some people are experiencing problems on PS4 with Patch [1.02]. We're looking into it now and hope to have an update shortly." Sony also asked patience and understanding for the inconvenience brought by the powerful bug.

"Alien Isolation" 1.02 version patch was originally "designed to resolve problems with the game's juddering cut scenes." The same update was released as well for the game's Xbox One version and no glitch has been reported yet.

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