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Mary Kate Olsen’s Sparks Plastic Surgery Controversy; Surgeon Hints the Half of the Olsen Twin May Have Had ‘Some Injections With Fillers’; Fans Said No Make-up Made the New Look

Nov 25, 2014 11:35 PM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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A month after the Renee Zellweger issue, another Hollywood A-lister has allegedly gone through the knife. This time, it is more complicated as the hot lass has a twin whom she shares almost the same look.

Appearing side by side, the Olsen twin showed-off their fashion style at the 2014 World of Children Awards in New York last week. But instead of their chic ensembles, fans and media noticed the differences between Mary Kate and Ashley's grown up looks.

Known for their childhood characters, it can be recalled how difficult it is to determine who is who whenever the famous twins are together, but this time, Mary Kate looks different compared to her twin Ashley. MK's more defined features sparked rumors of plastic surgery against the shorter Olsen.

The Olsen twins, who both played Michelle Tanner in Full House, were fraternal twin child actresses turned fashion moguls. Though they do not appear in red carpet often, their latest stint garnered a lot of raves because of MK's no make-up look that showed a bit different look.

Mary Kate, known for her heavy make-up, opted for a make-under barely-there make-up look and flaunted her natural smooth and glowing skin. The 28-year old Olsen only wore a bit of mascara to add a bit of color in her eyes.

As the plastic surgery rumors went ablaze, fans are quick to say Mary Kate's new look is just because of the almost no make-up ensemble yet a surgeon believes it is more than that. Plastic Surgery director of JUVA Skin and Plastic Suregey in New York City said Mary Kate may have had some injection with fillers.

Dr. David Cangello noted the fashionable Olsen's face looks a bit longer and straighter as well as the more linear and augmented cheeks. The plastic surgeon also said Mary Kate's nose bridge looks more refined and straighter compared to her twin Ashley.

"All of this can be achieved with filler material, and I do feel that the shape of her face as changed over time. Since this is not the case with her twin, it leads me to believe she has probably had some injections with fillers," Cangello said.

On the other hand, Dr. Lyle Back of New Jersey said there are no significant alterations that proves Mary Kate's alleged plastic surgery. "There are no signs that any surgical work or any recent Botox or fillers have been done. Her lips have maintained their natural fullness and her skin still appears overall fairly smooth."

A board certified Cherry Hill surgeon, Back said Mary Kate's different look is just brought by aging and the barely-there make-up. "Otherwise, what we see are fairly minimal effects of the aging process and some excellent minimalized make-up application!"

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