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‘Child of Light’ Gets Sequel after Proving its Profitability; Ubisoft Gets Unexpected Money from a Small-Scale Experiment

Nov 27, 2014 06:16 PM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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Two years, after a risk was taken, the small-scale experimental game is now getting its sequel. After "Child of Light" has proven its profitability, the game creator announced that Ubisoft plat-forming RPG game is now slated for a second edition.

In his speech at the GameON finance conference in Toronto Canada, Patrick Plourde said the risk that he and his team took for "Child of Light" paid off as the small-scale role playing game was able to generate significant profit after its release back in April.

"It's not as profitable as Assassin's Creed is profitable, but it's profitable enough that we would have been able to fund a sequel," the ingenious game creator said. Plourde also said, "Or if it had been my company, I would be driving a Ferrari and doing donuts."

Child of Light's success is seen as a "vindication" for the game creator as the Ubisoft themselves has looked at the RPG game as a risk. Known for his grand AAA games, the small-scale game is Plourde's idea that was approved in exchange of his "Far Cry 3" work.

Plourde admitted, "The main reason why I got greenlit on the project was because I had carte blanche for making Far Cry 3." The game developer said he wanted to take a break from AAA development and was given the shot only if he finished the "Far Cry 3."

Aside from the profits generated, "Child of Light" also got good raves as well as cosplay and fan art from its avid gamers. Among these, Plourde said emails and blogs from some players who have been suffering from depression who coped because of the game are the best thing that the RPG game has given him.

The game developer said, "That's something that I hadn't been able to achieve working on blockbuster AAA games." Plourde also added, "Now I'm really, really proud of being able to help people in their life through our medium, which is gaming. That makes the whole thing for me worth something."

Ubisoft, on its part, was also in awe of the Child of Light's success. The game publishing firm even made a RPG developer core team for the surprisingly hit video game. The company chief Yannis Mallat also hinted the team wanted to work on a new game.

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