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1001 Spikes Unlockables and Hints Guide for the XBOX One: Living the Legacy

Dec 08, 2014 11:43 PM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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Prepare to embark on a dicey expedition to the forgotten ruins of South America to rescue a loved one from the snares of the enemy. Play as Aban Hawkins alongside your ardent sister in a treacherous journey filled with booby traps and death-defying jumps. As you take the ultimately plunge, allow me to share some hints & tips on how to unlock certain items in the game that can help you out in your voyage. Good luck Amigo!



Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding characters:

Commander Video - Gather at least eight Golden Skulls.

Curly Brace - Gather at least thirty Golden Skulls.

El Testigo - Gather at least twenty six Golden Skulls.

Jim Hawkins - Successfully unlock the True ending.

Juni - Gather at least eighteen Golden Skulls.

President Thompson - Gather at least twenty Golden Skulls.

Sugimoto - Gather at least sixteen Golden Skulls.

Tina Hawkins - Beat Ukampa Ruins Level.

Zombie - Gather at least twenty three Golden Skulls.

Modes & Stages

Antarctica Temple - Beat all stages of the Akumpa Ruins.

Antarctica Temple (All Characters) - Unlock the True Ending to access this hidden bonus.

Change Player Color - Can be unlocked by gathering at least 4 skulls.

Counseil's Duty Free Shop - Can be unlocked by gathering at least 12 skulls.

Lost Levels Mode - Can be unlocked by gathering at least 10 skulls.

True Ending - Make use of the Key of Serpentis found on Stage 10-7 and triumph over the boss.

Tower off Nanar (Cooperative Mode) - Can be unlocked by gathering at least 6 skulls.

How to Obtain the Key of Serpenties

Once you reach level 2-1 "Rush into the Ruin" located at the Ukampa Temple. When you come to the exit focus your attention on the right side, you will immediately notice a rare block with a key emblem.

Quickly detach the key block and make your way inside the new area to the right of the exit. Keep in mind getting rid of the block may entail you to gather all Golden Skulls first. Proceed to the middle section of the temple area and you will find the "Key of Serpentis".

How to Unlock the Alternate Ending

First you need to acquire the "Key of Serpentis" and once you reach level 10-7 "Jokulkyrkja" located in Antartica. Leap up on the platform with the unusual serpent insignia and it will trigger a Boss fight. Annihilate the boss by tossing knives at the crystals on the ceiling to weaken each section of the dragon dais you are moving on. After defeating the Boss you will automatically unlock Antarctica for all characters, Jim Hawkins, and the alternate ending.

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