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New Games Coming on Playstation Vita This Month; Hard to Find ‘Suikoden I’ and ‘Suikoden II’ RPG Game Included

Dec 10, 2014 10:29 PM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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To prove that "Sony's Love for PS Vita is Not Fading," the Japanese tech giant's video game arm announced a lot of new titles coming soon for its Playstation Vita.

After being left out during the last two big conferences of Sony Playstation, PS Vita owners will finally be having early Christmas treat as a lot of new games will be coming. The best part is the hard to find RPG game, "Suidoken I" and "Suikoden II" is included on the list.

After Playstation Vita was not mentioned during the E3 2012 and GamesCom 2014 conferences, its users are not expecting anything new for the game console. But to their surprise, Sony's head of third party production, Gio Corsi, recently announced seven games that will be launched starting this week.

These seven titles include the "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II" that was launched yesterday in Playstation Network. This is surely good news for the fans of the Konami game as it is also the most requested of the PS Vita users. "Suikoden was originally released for the first PlayStation in 1995, so it's appropriate that the beloved RPG is making its way to another Sony platform almost 20 years later."

The two hard to find role playing games will be followed by "Towefall Ascension" and "Octodad: Dadliest Catch" which will both debut on PS Vita early next year. "The Banner Saga" is also coming next year alongside "Resident Evil Revelations 2," which is reportedly underway and slated for Spring 2015 launch.

"Super Time Force Ultra," which is also coming for Playstation Vita, will be launching with additional catch. The video game will have new exclusive characters for the new platform. This new character is Shuhei Yoshia who battles the "pixilated" fight across time.

Playstation Vita's upcoming new games also include "MLB The Show 15," "Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions," "Bastion," and "Shovel Knight" alongside "Broken Age The Complete Adventure" and "Day of the Tentacle." "Severed" has been the first game announced coming in PS Vita even before the grand announcement.

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