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The Apex Teton Headphone Amplifier – Expensive but Impossible Not to Want

Dec 15, 2014 10:56 PM EST | By Adelyn Torralba
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Ever wondered what it feels like to don an expensive yet totally out of this world headphone amplifier? If such is the case, then you definitely would want to check out the latest offering from Apex High Fi Audio and TTVJAudio - the Apex Teton.

It is being marketed as a headphone amplifier device, and would definitely give you a shock, both in terms of price and quality.

According to Apex High Fi Audio and TTVJAudio, this product is "a single-ended output-transformer-less (OTL) vacuum tube preamplifier and headphone" amplifier. The idea behind its invention was derived from the Wheatfield Audio HA-2 that was initially produced a decade and a half ago. Yes, they share similarities, but as what we all know when it comes to technology, the Teton is no doubt better and superior than its predecessor. It comes with the same tubing system as well as amp topology, but all in all, the entire component has been improved significantly. Consumers can expect the power supply to be far more superior, with all the parts also being manufactured from the best materials known today.

The only slight problem that you may have with the Apex Teton is its overall aesthetics. As what CNET has cited, it "may not win any beauty contests." However, when it comes to experience, you definitely will have something to look forward to, as it will give you something more than what you have ever experienced with headphones and amplifiers. Once you don on your headphones, your attention will be completely focused on what is playing. You will hear every sound and detail, except of course, the noise.

Some of what you can expect with the Apex High Fi Audio and TTVJAudio include a single voltage amplification stage, a current amplification stage, a single coupling capacitor, a vacuum-tube rectifier, a multi-stage LC filter, and a 6SN7tube input stage.

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