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‘Point Break’ Remake Is Bigger And Better! Luke Bracey Promises Fans Of A New Johnny Utah That Will Not Mimic Keanu Reeves

Feb 23, 2015 08:18 AM EST | By Kenny Vis
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The producers recently announced that they are moving the release date of "Point Break" remake from July 31 to Dec. 25.

Warner Bros. made the announcement early February after Paramount decided to move the release date of "Mission: Impossible 5" from Christmas Day to July 31. So the two movies ended up swapping dates for whatever purpose.

"With Christmas on a Friday this year, the reality is that there's room for multiple movies," Andre Kosove of Alcon Entertainment told Variety. "Our film is a really fun mainstream movie."

Aussie actor Luke Bracey will revive Keanu Reeve's character Johnny Utah while Edgar Ramirez fills up the shoes of Patrick Swayze who starred as Bodhi.

Fans and critics can't help but compare "Point Break" remake to the 1991 surfing flick. During a recent interview published by Belfast Telegraph, the 25-year old actor assured the viewers that the reboot will be different and it reaches a global scale.

"It's got transnational corporations and features environmental terrorism, there's surfing, snowboarding, wingsuiting and rock-climbing. It's bigger, better and more bad-ass really," said Bracey. The actor, who recently starred in Nicholas Sparks' "The Best Of Me," admitted that he was a huge fan of Kathryn Bigelow's cult classic.

"I've seen the original about 1,000 times so I could just go to my memory bank and pull out any quote word for word from the original," Bracey revealed. "This was an absolute thrill for me. It's once in a lifetime dream, and it was a dream for seven months."

Taking on the role of Johnny Utah isn't that easy because Keanu Reeves has gained fame for portraying that role. The Aussie heartthrob assured his fans that they can expect to see a different character.

"It would be disrespectful for me to mimic Keanu. This is a new and updated version of Johnny Utah," Luke Bracey said.

Keanu Reeves, who refused to reprise his role, finally showed his support for "Point Break" remake as reported by MovieFone.

"I think it's cool that people are updating it or making that story their own. It means that the first film has a lot of affection and a classic legacy, which is cool. So to have another time take that and make it their own is great. But good luck. I wish them well," said the actor.

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