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‘Toy Story 4’ Brings Back Tom Hanks And Tim Allen! Will Buzz Lightyear Or Woody Have A New Love Interest? There Will Be A Romantic Twist!

Mar 17, 2015 09:14 PM EDT | By Kenny Vis
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A few months ago, Walt Disney's head honcho Bob Iger confirmed that "Toy Story 2" is in the works and it will be directed by John Lasseter, who is the Chief Creative Officer of both Pixar and Disney.

The Oscar-winning director has worked on the first two films and has also co-directed "A Bug's Life" and "Cars".

According to Screen Rant, the fourth installment is scheduled for release on June 16, 2017. The movie is slated to hit the theaters a week after "How To Train Your Dragon 3" and two weeks before "Despicable Me 3". Which means that kids has a lot to look forward to during summer of 2017.

With John Lasseter on board, there are reports that another Pixar veteran will be joining the production team. According to VCPost, Josh Cooley will be co-directing "Toy Story 4" so we can expect a unique twist to the sequel. So what kind of twist could that be?

The website reported that the two directors are working on a romantic twist for the fourth installment. So we may see a new love interest for Buzz Lightyear or Woody. Speaking of these characters, it has been confirmed that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will return in "Toy Story 4".

Last year, Bleeding Cool caught up with the actor that voiced Woody and asked him if there will be a sequel to the Pixar film franchise. "I think there will be yeah. Yeah, yeah. They're working on it now. There you go," Hanks said.

Tim Allen, on the other hand, confessed that he is jealous of Tom Hanks and that he wanted Buzz Lightyear to have more lines. "My whole life is this: 'Come on Woody, watch out Woody, Woody, Woody come on Woody.' Tom Hanks goes on and on, lot of Academy Awards," he told the Tonight Show.

So what can we expect in the fourth installment? "When I first saw 'Toy Story' I was amazed by the ground breaking computer-generated animation. But it was the strong storytelling that kept me coming back. 'Toy Story 4' will continue that tradition and I could not be more excited to be a part of it!," Cooley told Variety.

The screenplay will be written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack. "They have such a great sense of character and originality," Lasseter told the LATimes. "Toy Story 4" is scheduled for release on July 16, 2017 in the United States.

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