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Jimmy Fallon And Nicole Kidman’s Respective Marriages In Turmoil Because Of Actress' Confession?

Aug 04, 2015 07:50 AM EDT | By Joanna Garado
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Jimmy Fallon Nicole Kidman
(Photo : Theo Wargo | NBC | Getty Images)

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have both been having troubles in their respective marriages recently.

And rumor has it that their relationships' turmoil have something to do with the actresses' confession of unrequited interest towards Fallon years ago, when she went on "The Tonight Show" last January.

In January, Nicole Kidman appeared in "The Tonight Show" to promote her movie, "Paddington."

While Fallon was bringing up a time in 2002 when he met the actress for a possible role in her upcoming movie, Kidman said that she did not really meet him for that reason and confessed to have "liked" the talk show host but he did not seem interested.

Fallon could not believe what he heard. Later on, in an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Fallon said he had no idea about Kidman's interest but it might have been for the best.

"It all worked out," Fallon said. "She's obviously happy with Keith Urban and I lucked out I have the best wife in the whole wide world."

However, recent reports say that both Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman are having troubles with their respective marriages.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Fallon's wife Nancy Juvonen is allegedly "sick" of his alcohol problems and partying with young, hot women.

"While the late night host blamed his gruesome injury on his two left feet. He was actually two sheets to the wind after night on the town with two young women," Star Magazine reveals.

"Nancy was really angry. Jimmy's bad behavior has been getting worse and she totally lost her temper. She has been asking herself how he can possibly take care of his family when he can barely take care of himself. Nancy is really sick of it and I wouldn't be surprised if she is threatening divorce."

Coincidentally, rumors of Fallon's crumbling marriage comes months after Keith Urban, Kidman's wife, was rumored to be cheating.

According to a previous report, Nicole Kidman has been suspecting that Urban is cheating, even hiring private investigators to keep an eye on her husband.

Could these marriage troubles be due to Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman's failed romance? Is Fallon secretly covering up his desire to be with Kidman with alcohol? Is Keith Urban trying to mask his insecurities towards Fallon by cheating?

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