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NVIDIA Shield Tablet Recall Issued Over Fire Hazard; Battery Mismatched For Gaming, Heavy Use?

Aug 04, 2015 12:16 PM EDT | By Jason Fonbuena
Nvidia SHIELD Tablet, NVIDIA, Android

An NVIDIA Shield Tablet recall was issued last week due to overheating concerns which could lead to a fire hazard.

According to a press release, "NVIDIA has determined that the battery in these tablets can overheat, posing a fire hazard."

Other products in the Shield line-up are reportedly not included in the recall said to affect 88,000 units - 83,000 in the US and 5,000 in Canada - sold between July 2014 and July 2015.

CNET reported that users can find out if they're part of the recall by going to their device's Settings pane, About then Status. The said pane will show the battery codename.

"Those with B01 are not affected by the recall. Customers who own devices with Y01 are affected," the website said.

To facilitate the process, a dedicated NVIDIA Shield Tablet recall website is already live. The tech company, which concentrates on gaming, has reportedly asked affected users to stop using their devices except to back up their data and participate in the recall.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said NVIDIA has received four reports of overheating batteries which includes two reports of damage to flooring in the US caused by thermal runaway.

As CNET explained it, "thermal runaway is essentially when a temperature increase leads to a further temperature increase, often resulting in destruction."

Unlike rival tablets from Apple or Samsung, the Android tablet was meant for heavy usage in video and gaming in particular. But with users complaining of battery drain and heat, Gizmodo speculated that "users were likely discharging and recharging their devices very quickly and very often in frustration."

Although thermal runaway "affects a huge portion of lithium batteries," the website said the NVIDIA Shield Tablet recall can be attributed to the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company "mismatching" the device's battery to how its users were supposed to use it.

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