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Will Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Call Off Their Wedding? 'He Can Be A Real Jerk'

Aug 04, 2015 02:31 PM EDT | By Mic Florendo
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It's been quite a while since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged, but until now the couple hasn't set a date for their wedding.

Many fans are getting impatient while celebrity news sites have been busy creating rumors about the "Cake" actress and "The Leftovers" star - from breakup and secret marriage to pregnancy.

According to new reports, Jen and Justin are on the brink of breaking up because he has allegedly changed. Sources told OK! Magazine that the 46-year-old actress has been avoiding her 43-year-old fiancé ever since he started filming "Zoolander 2" which stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

"Justin turns into a completely different person when he's around the guys," an insider revealed. "Sometimes he can be a real jerk."

The website also reported that Jennifer Aniston may breakup with Justin Theroux because he has gone too far.

"He's become really bossy, arrogant and obnoxious," the source added.

It wasn't revealed who among the "Zoolander 2" cast has been a bad influence to the actor, but it seems that the "Horrible Bosses" star has to wait until her fiancé finishes filming before she decides if she'll end their engagement or not. "She's not filming right now, so him and this movie take priority, but she's avoiding him right now."

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's breakup rumor started after the first trailer of "Zoolander 2" was revealed so this may also be a publicity stunt.

However, speculations about their troubled relationship have been coming out for months. Last month, the couple also got into conflict because of the comedy sequel.

"Jen's ready to pull the plug on her cameo after 'an inch became a mile' with Justin's demands," an insider told Radar Online. "Justin and Ben [Stiller] want to go to ComicCon and do some publicity stunts for the movie and he's been begging her to get involved," their source added.

Unfortunately, the former "Friends" star wasn't thrilled about that idea.

"Jen lost it, telling him he's forgetting who she is and that she's not some on-call piece of arm candy," an insider revealed. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have brushed off the breakup rumors just like before so it isn't confirmed yet if they are indeed calling off their wedding or not.

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